just feeling blah

Okay, here I am, writing a post about nothing just to fulfill the month’s prompt challenge. I posted a …well, post once asking for feedback about blogging, specifically, why people (who don’t have a platform like making money, disseminating information, etc) write blogs…what’s the draw? I ask because I like to get on here and ‘write’ but it’s really just a form of a journal, a spewing about a bad day or sometimes I feel more creative and write some fiction. I like the ‘community’ of people here…read other’s blogs, have them read and comment on mine but I don’t have any ‘format’ nor do I always have anything to say. Therefore, the writing challenge turns into just that, a challenge.

My big accomplishment today was bathing my two dogs. First I plopped them on a counter and trimmed their faces but I left the rest of them all scraggly because I was limited on time (and energy). I hate bathing them because I don’t have a large sink so I have to sit on a stool in the tub (in my underwear) and wash one at a time and work like hell getting them rinsed because I don’t have a hose in my tub so it’s a plastic cup – unless I can get them shoved under the faucet which, naturally, they are not inclined to allow me to do – all the while I’m bent over so it is literally a pain in the back. Anyway…job done, they smell and feel better to me and they seem to feel better themselves as they appear to be smiling once it’s all over and done and they are dried and warm again.

Now I’m back on babysitting detail because…well, who cares. I have been trying to renew my New Year’s energy and ambition about getting stuff done, feeling good about myself, my life, etc. but I just can’t seem to swing it lately. I’m not depressed – I don’t have a valid reason to be ‘low’ or ‘blue’ or even lazy but I have just enough energy to watch movies or lie and listen to audio books. I so wish I was “one of those people” who pop out of bed in the morning with a zest for life and squeezing every minute out of the day. I don’t know if it’s lack of sunshine or social life or (not likely) love life or A love of life or maybe I’m just a naturally boring, unmotivated person.

So…that’s why I get on here…read other posts or spew my own drivel all over…looking for inspiration.


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