so why can’t a business owner only serve who they favor?


Padlock on the gate to Hell

I can only assume that this padlock originally secured something. As time will do, it is now half buried, unnoticed and forgotten as, most likely, the reason for it. There are things set in place for reasons but over time those things and the reasons are forgotten or obscured. I bring this up because I responded to a post on FB – it’s a someone you know commented here thing. I don’t usually do that, as I’ve said, but I did and it’s eaten at me all day. I have not gone back into “facecrack” (as my kids call it) to check to see where my comment led but I’m sure it’s just part of a blackhole of anger and self-justifying opinions. Anyway, just to fill you in and round out this post, the comment went something like this: photo and headline about the wedding cake maker who refused to make a cake for a gay couple {allegedly: I’m not familiar with the case/story} and the comment was in favor of business individuals doing business with who they want and refusing who they want – as in, why not?

My response went something like this: If someone opens a business with the public then they are responsible to serve the public even if they don’t like them – it’s common sense which is no longer common. The ‘excuse’ to only serve who you want or like is just a stepping stone to bigger issues if you can only imagine that. Like I said, I don’t know what responses this prompted but I’ll bet you can imagine.

Here’s my point or maybe it’s a question or a “hmmmm….?”  ~  I want my own business to make my own schedule and rules and money. That necessitates a relationship with – I presume – the public and the more the better (cha-ching). Now, I’m not a business person nor am I a narrow-minded, bigoted, hateful, spiteful person but if I wanted to avoid a ‘certain kind of people’, I hope I’d be smart enough to figure out how BEFORE I open for business. Or, in the least, figure it out as I go – in other words, once that door has been opened by ‘the wrong kind of people’, figure out how to close it and keep it closed without revealing to everyone on the planet what kind of ass I am. For those that think that they, as business owners, have the right to exclude ‘certain kinds of people’ and these same people can’t understand why anyone would have a problem with that – wait, I just can’t —- this is so elementary I can’t even…It just spirals down a rabbit hole to oblivion.

…..people who think that anyone in business can discriminate as to who they ‘serve’ obviously are blinded by entitlement and cannot, therefore, conceive of being on the receiving end of the same logic nor can these (business) people see how legalizing discrimination will then propel and expand into a wider and wider berth of favoring and victimizing (it’s already endless).     The reasons for anti discrimination laws are so basic but they are now buried in the rising mire of politics, rights, anger and entitlement that people can’t even see the basic building blocks of democracy and freedom anymore. It’s always coming down to the ‘my rights’ vs the rights of everyone.

There – I’m done.  I just had to get that out. There is no logic. There is no common sense. There is only – me. Me and ‘mine’. That’s all there is. I applaud anyone who invests their energy and opens themselves to judgment and hate against the rising, foaming rabid masses. More power to you. The masses constitute emotionally deficient or stunted adults who have not grown past the emotional age of toddlers: selfish, self-absorbed, quick to have a tantrum if they don’t get their own way, disregard any help for their own benefit because they are fixated on selfish gratification. I wonder how this happened.



I won’t varnish the truth

superficial polish or external show, especially to conceal some defect or inadequacy

“Varnish” … I’ve been listening to ‘news’ this morning so varnish is a loaded word prompt for me right now and, as I’ve mentioned before, I try not to dip into the political pool but it’s more an ocean now – harder to find the sturdy earth beneath my feet. I don’t need to elaborate on any one specific item in the news that can be used with the word varnish as defined above – anyone can regarding: ‘truth’, ‘patriotism’, ‘equality’, ‘justice’, ‘christianity’, ‘democracy’, ‘united states’, ‘service’, ‘character’, ‘law’ and on and on. If I dwell on what’s going on in the world, specifically politics, I can feel various ‘negative’ emotions: anger, anxiety, fear, hopelessness, hatred, vengeance – so after hearing/reading news, I have to keep my mind absorbed in something else that is useful or positive or even just reading for a break in thinking or feeling at all.

I’ve shared this with no one – except here, now – I’ve felt compelled in the last few weeks to read the Bible and have been reading several ‘chapters’/pages everyday. Some history: about 20 years I met someone who encouraged me to read the Bible and I did, trying to find answers, ultimately becoming more agnostic, if not atheist. I know all the judgments and commentary regarding religion, faith, Christianity – hell, I’ve uttered my own. I utilize a amalgamation of scripture and faith (not religion) with a healthy dose of reasoning or intelligence. I acknowledge what I don’t know and can’t know and what I do know. The Bible has been ‘around’ for about 3500 years and that’s a long time for a fake book (not inspired by God) to exist so there is possibly some truth within its pages regarding God’s plan even if I cannot quite believe that it’s entirely His inspired Word, penned by men with the Holy Spirit. However, it’s also not out of the realm of possibilities for me to believe that ‘organized’ religion has preserved the Bible to use as a tool as it’s greatest claim to be God’s ‘servant’ on earth and, thus, command the obedience of all the souls who fall victim to the snares of religion. I prefer to believe that there is a Grand Design for what I see going on around me, that this is all going to lead to some better future but I can reason, too, that mankind has existed in the same mix of hate and love for thousands of years so, therefore, anticipating changed based on prophecy seems awfully desperate.

Reading the Bible, acknowledging what It has to offer and combining some reasoning (still aware of my own limitations) allows me to have some hope with minimal gullibility. I can believe that this mess we have in the world will ultimately all work out for the better while simultaneously knowing that if it doesn’t (in my lifetime) nothing has been lost that wouldn’t have been lost anyway. We are all destined to die – as that is the life-cycle – and if I should perish sooner or later, it matters not, since that’s my expectation of life. If the Great Tribulation, Armageddon, the Second-Coming-of-Christ or whatever those of any faith chose to call God’s Plan happens between now and before I die, then I shan’t be surprised by that either.

I don’t know what has prompted me to re-read the Bible. I could say that it’s the state of affairs in this world but I personally have not be a person who has been optimistic about the future, personally or worldly, in my lifetime and I’ve plodded along without the compulsion to seek inspiration or find faith. But I will say that I look foreward each day to doing some reading of the scriptures and I will also say that I feel better for doing it although I cannot say why nor can I say that I have complete faith in a God, a Plan or Salvation. I just know that right now, at this time, it feels right.

Daily Prompt: varnish

can you count the number of times you’ve been on your phone in one day?

I like listening to public radio especially the TED Radio Hour. Yesterday I listen to the beginning of October 13 TED Radio Hour with Guy Raz while walking my dogs. The first part of the program was about technology – specifially how a few genius minds in Silicon Valley control how we now behave. It sounds unlikely but it was a very logically discussed example of how our technology, specifically our smart phones, now control what we do with much of our time. It went beyond the argument about “everyone’s so attached to their phones” and “no one talks to each other anymore” – it was really about the technology/science of how it is we become ensnared in technology itself and gorge ourselves with social media. If anyone has 17 minutes of free time – and that’s not a pun but it sure could be one – this TED talk by Tristan Harris or you can go to this npr site and listen to the TED Radio Hour program for October 13 titled “Manipulation” which is comprised of parts of Tristan Harris’ talk among other interviews for 50:17 minutes.

Daily Prompt: gorge


nf-badge-1linerweds-2017 #1linerWeds

My 5-year old grandson was becoming grouchy after a visit at the hospital and I told him he should take a nap on the one-hour drive home (which he always does anyway) and he said he was not. Thirty minutes into the return drive home, except for the sound of rain and windshield-wipers, there is only silence. I quietly ask, “are you taking a nap?” I hear “yes”.

The Book of JOY

51VaMOqmsjL I guess “saintly” would not be the appropriate “title” for either of these two gentlemen but I think from a Christian perspective, both of them inhabit two of the definitions of ‘saint’:

2. a person of great holiness, virtue, or benevolence.
3. a founder, sponsor, or patron, as of a movement or organization.
I don’t know much, hardly anything at all about either one of these two men but I did thoroughly enjoy listening to this audio-book. They both are very entertaining and wise and they obviously enjoy a very unique friendship.

December 5: the power of touch



Textures are everywhere: The rough edges of a stone wall. The smooth innocence of a baby’s cheek. The sense of touch brings back memories for us. What texture is particularly evocative to you?

The heading and the description evoke two different ideas: ‘the power of touch’, for me, is what transpires when you ‘touch’ someone else either physically or emotionally and then there’s what touching textures evokes within me.

What mother does not react viscerally to touching, smelling and holding a baby? But touching the fur and muscle of a cat or a dog is second to none. Pets have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I still hold my cats and dogs and give them massages; feeling their muscles under my finger pads as I knead them. It evokes reassurance, the closeness of a friend or companion, and the uncomparable feeling of wonder that these animals represent (as I’ve read) God – unconditional love, loyalty, constant happiness, contentment with their people, living in the moment. That’s what touching them reminds me of: being content with having someone in my life.


December 4: five items

google images ‘deserted island’

A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

Not necessarily in this order – but off the cuff:

  1. a book, a good one (some might say the bible – which is a contender) but I’m not sure which one right now – something I obviously wouldn’t mind reading over & over & over & over & over….
  2. a big knife: something that will handle cutting and chopping, a multi-tool knife. I know they exist, I just don’t know what they are called.
  3. flint – to more easily start a fire.
  4. a large tarp &
  5. ….a medical emergency kit…Until I change my mind.