succumbing to aging and not feeling well


I’ve thought a little about both the daily prompt and the SoCS prompt and all that comes to my mind is:

More so lately, I’m not feeling well. I am succumbing to the symptoms (painful joints and stiff muscles/tendons/ligaments) of ‘old age’. I’m not going to b*tch about this too much because, well, who wants to read that? No one. Also, I don’t do anything to avert these symptoms either – I know I should at least stretch every day and I know yoga helps a lot but…I just don’t do it. I get right up and start my day with my mental list of “things to do” and I’m usually busy all day. My way of thinking, ‘if I’m constantly busy doing things, physical things, then why is this happening and at such a quick rate?’ I’ve been told that aging, ‘growing old’, shouldn’t be painful. I don’t know if that was just the ignorance of the young man who said it or if he is actually right. I do know that these symptoms came on quickly and have not subsided but been chronic and gotten worse. I could possibly feel better if I just did a few things to help myself out – it’s not a guarantee but I won’t know until I do it everyday for several weeks and find out. So, it comes down, in part, to my own fault –

Well, that’s it. That’s my stream of consciousness for this morning – – with or without those two words.

SoCS: well

SoCS: well … again

Daily Prompt: succumb


Podcasting while doing chores

So these last few days I’ve been doing two things consistently: listening to podcasts and working outdoors around my home – doing things that have been neglected and now really need to be done.

First about chores – because it’s themost brief. We all have things we don’t like doing, procrastinate doing and finally we have to just DO IT. Well, as much as I am ‘gung-ho’ about being creative and doing things around my home, there are still some things that I do not look forward to because they are tedious and, for me, physically hard. Hand sanding my porch floor boards (because I noticed that they are starting to rot where water leaks onto the porch), patchingsmall areas, and then staining/weatherproofing them – on my knees bent over with a paint brush. My knees and back have been killing me and I am still not done. The second coat on the patched area has to be done today. I’ve also cut back nature, used my chainsaw to cut down some small trees that needed to go, yanked and pulled at weeds, raked and mowed, and I’ve had to use two strappings to winch together my fencing between posts so I could drill then drive galvanized ‘nail’s into them to keep them from separating. That’s just the low-down; I’ve had to dig up multiple electric cords to reach areas and walk miles around my house and through the cellar because I can’t walk on the porch right now – which is THE MAIN ENTRY/EXIT to anywhere on my property. Okay…that’s the latest about my home maintenance chores. There’s still plenty to do and so little time to do it. You may wonder why I didn’t take advantage of summer weather. WEll, I’msure I’ve b*tched about this before but I HATE HOT AND HUMID WEATHER!!! I just cannot tolerate it AT ALL. I’m in the process of just one of the wonderful stages of women’s lives where I have these infernal hot flashes that make me feel like I am being baked alive and add that to the 90’s degree heat, sun and humidity and I retire to my AC dungeon in the summer. I can’t DO anything. So, autumn is the time. I still sweat and I’m still hot but it’s bearable.


Second: I’ve been listening to podcasts which has been easier to do while I’m confined to one area and I can hear it uninterrupted for long periods of time. First was S-Town which was so interesting right through to the end. I highly recommend it to anyone who is reading this. So interesting. Now I’m listening to SERIAL, which is three years old and almost everyone knows about it. Anyway – I know that this first part is inconclusive and that there is a follow-up to SERIAL by three women lawyers who find all the lies, missed evidence, etc. and that there is going to be a new trial.


What strikes me as very interesting about Adnan (I’m not sure the spelling of the innocent guys name) is that he seems so genuine. Granted that we are listening to a man now who has been in prison for 15 years but even given that, he is so — likable. I’m at a part where he is stating how he takes responsibility for where he is right now and by that I mean, He denies killing Hae as he always has but he takes responsibility for his life-long decisions and how they contributed (maybe) to where he is now. WOW! I think this is so profound and very unusual for someone to claim/admit/realize.

The other sticking point that I don’t like to and try not to focus on is how we live in a corrupt and unjust world. How people look after themselves only regardless of right or wrong or guilt/innocence. How the very people who’s JOB it is to find out TRUTH, who are supposed to work to uphold justice, they don’t care. I’m not naive, I know that there is no justice and that’s not negativity, that’s fact. BUT I like to think that people do the best they can, that we all want the guilty to be found and held accountable and not frame an innocent person because it’s easier.

I like listening to these podcasts that are real life – not because they are depressing as the two I’ve heard but because there is a lot of good people in them, they are complex, I learn things from them and I get to ‘see’ a different part of everyday life that isn’t my own. It’s hard to get involved and then have to stop. I have enjoyed doing mindless things such as painting because I’ve been listening to these ‘stories’ and they make my day so much more interesting because of it.

Oops forgot to use the word: Both of these podcasts have to do with people’s lives being cloaked in an alternate reality. Not everything or everyone is as they seem.

Daily Prompt: cloaked

Advertising = fraud

Fraud: “misrepresentation” or “craft

google images: groceries

This word makes me think of groceries: when buying beware of packaging. Packaging affects our perception; sometimes that package is changed in size but the contents stay the same or the package remains the same but it has fewer contents. I won’t go into specifics, it’s just something I notice as a consumer. (Not to mention that prices are always going up while quality/quantity goes down)

Daily Prompt: fraud

Photos of some ‘exceptional’ garden ideas


All images are from “Google”

I’ve been on a outdoor garden creative whirlwind…in my head – ideas for things to do in my backyard. I paid for landscaping years ago with my main objective to finally have a LAWN: flat, lush, green. What I got was lumpy & some green with bald spots. I have finally decided that I am not going to have even the idea of a lawn but transform my property into an exceptional garden. Here are just a few simple ideas that I’ve found at the above link and I have plenty of my own that I can manage without hiring someone to f*ck it up.


I personally wouldn’t do the rainboots on the fence but it’s whimsical and colorful. I was thinking of having a color contrasted lattice on my fence and have Morning Glories or Moon Flowers grow up the lattice.



I already have a deck and I like the idea of some large potted plants surrounding it that forces use of my flagstone walkway off the deck.


I don’t have a stone wall…but if I did, this is a nice, clean and creative idea to dress it up. I could, however, use the lights and some other decorative designs on my fencing.


Here is another idea for a part of my deck: a canopy and outdoor furniture. My backyard has full-on-sun for most of the day in the summer, a temporary or portable canopy would be perfect.

image: finegardening

The furthest part of my backyard is a small copse of wood upon a rise. I’d love to have a stone wall built into that rise and, ultimately, get rid of the stockade fencing that is now there as a border. It would probably cost thousands of dollars to pay to have it done and I don’t have the rocks (or the back strength) to do it myself but…I can dream.

image: little gardenia

This is pretty rustic for me but it has some nice ideas to cull.

Anyhoo – I was awake in the middle of the night wanting to use colored pencils to draw some of my ideas out. I opted to go back to sleep while imaging all the things I could do with my own personal touch. I don’t aim for Home & Garden but the thought of reusing things I can find or build is very appealing to my creative brain.

Daily Prompt: exceptional

tiny houses, tree houses, & stone cottages


I have dreams of tiny houses all cozy and warm sitting on a plot of land next to a stream or a stone cottage with a patio surrounded by a small wooded area or a tree house suffused with the unfiltered sunlight and bird song.



I keep dreaming of the day I have my own small, manageable space – open concept and only one bedroom; all to myself; a nice ‘modern’ kitchen to make bread and single-serving meals created by me


with the ingredients from my small outdoor garden; a sun-soaked sewing room where I create my quilts and some paintings; an open and warm living area that combines with the dining
Google ‘tree house images’

area/kitchen area – all one open space. Vaulted ceilings are beautiful and the bedroom can be in the open loft area so the heat is not ‘wasted’. Tree houses, at least the ones I’ve

Google ‘tree house images’

looked at, are beautiful but I feel bad about the trees – it can’t be good for them to have houses built into their bodies and limbs.

I dream my dreams and I write my dreams and maybe someday my dreams will come true.