so why can’t a business owner only serve who they favor?


Padlock on the gate to Hell

I can only assume that this padlock originally secured something. As time will do, it is now half buried, unnoticed and forgotten as, most likely, the reason for it. There are things set in place for reasons but over time those things and the reasons are forgotten or obscured. I bring this up because I responded to a post on FB – it’s a someone you know commented here thing. I don’t usually do that, as I’ve said, but I did and it’s eaten at me all day. I have not gone back into “facecrack” (as my kids call it) to check to see where my comment led but I’m sure it’s just part of a blackhole of anger and self-justifying opinions. Anyway, just to fill you in and round out this post, the comment went something like this: photo and headline about the wedding cake maker who refused to make a cake for a gay couple {allegedly: I’m not familiar with the case/story} and the comment was in favor of business individuals doing business with who they want and refusing who they want – as in, why not?

My response went something like this: If someone opens a business with the public then they are responsible to serve the public even if they don’t like them – it’s common sense which is no longer common. The ‘excuse’ to only serve who you want or like is just a stepping stone to bigger issues if you can only imagine that. Like I said, I don’t know what responses this prompted but I’ll bet you can imagine.

Here’s my point or maybe it’s a question or a “hmmmm….?”  ~  I want my own business to make my own schedule and rules and money. That necessitates a relationship with – I presume – the public and the more the better (cha-ching). Now, I’m not a business person nor am I a narrow-minded, bigoted, hateful, spiteful person but if I wanted to avoid a ‘certain kind of people’, I hope I’d be smart enough to figure out how BEFORE I open for business. Or, in the least, figure it out as I go – in other words, once that door has been opened by ‘the wrong kind of people’, figure out how to close it and keep it closed without revealing to everyone on the planet what kind of ass I am. For those that think that they, as business owners, have the right to exclude ‘certain kinds of people’ and these same people can’t understand why anyone would have a problem with that – wait, I just can’t —- this is so elementary I can’t even…It just spirals down a rabbit hole to oblivion.

…..people who think that anyone in business can discriminate as to who they ‘serve’ obviously are blinded by entitlement and cannot, therefore, conceive of being on the receiving end of the same logic nor can these (business) people see how legalizing discrimination will then propel and expand into a wider and wider berth of favoring and victimizing (it’s already endless).     The reasons for anti discrimination laws are so basic but they are now buried in the rising mire of politics, rights, anger and entitlement that people can’t even see the basic building blocks of democracy and freedom anymore. It’s always coming down to the ‘my rights’ vs the rights of everyone.

There – I’m done.  I just had to get that out. There is no logic. There is no common sense. There is only – me. Me and ‘mine’. That’s all there is. I applaud anyone who invests their energy and opens themselves to judgment and hate against the rising, foaming rabid masses. More power to you. The masses constitute emotionally deficient or stunted adults who have not grown past the emotional age of toddlers: selfish, self-absorbed, quick to have a tantrum if they don’t get their own way, disregard any help for their own benefit because they are fixated on selfish gratification. I wonder how this happened.



a short holiday with family


The first day of the holiday season of family dinners, the first day that a lot of people dread –  having to deal with old issues, current issues and projected issues, our places in our families often differ with our more comfortable places at work and with friends. It’s the time of year that is supposed to be about joy, gratitude and love but is often rife with stress, anger and resentment.

Fortunately, in my little part of the universe, family together time is congenial and fun. This year Thanksgiving has been a little more restrained; we got our dinner at the hospital cafeteria and ate it in my daughter’s room (still in a spacious single room) but we also brought some of our own goodies to snack on. We did not play games because it somehow just wasn’t a condusive environment but I put the ball game on the TV in the background and socializing was good, my grandson seemed content, the food was good.

All is well at the end of the day – which was short (driving up an hour after I’d baked the biscuits and made stuffing, prepared the house to leave the dogs) and I headed back home about 3:30 so I could take the dogs for a walk. Obviously it’s more comfortable at home and it would have been fun to get involved in a game or two but there will always be the next holiday dinner.


to nest or not to nest


I think off and on about my future and about my home – some days are filled with daydreaming about when I will have the house back to myself and what I’ll do with it. Yesterday I wrote about my concern about my future and then today, while walking my dogs in the woods, along the rapidly flowing river while the sun shone down I got to thinking about my indifference to having ‘things’. Suddenly something clicked – I’ve never been one to be concerned or attached to things for reasons that I won’t go into right now but I have always believed it to be an asset to not be too materialistic – to be free of concern about my precious things. In the last couple of months – very intermittently and sporadically – I’ve thought about nesting, having a few things in my home that make it personal and welcoming, a few nice pieces of furniture or art work, books, dishes, etc. And then today those ideas clashed: my “future-fear”; my fear about my own personal, financial future, and my day dreams about my home. I realized that my chronic and peristent fear of what the future may bring has been one reason that I’ve not put my money, energy, effort and security in things, my “home”: Here today, gone tomorrow.

It’s a shame that even I recognize; not making a house a home for fear that one day it won’t be here anymore – or I won’t be here anymore. I’m a saver, I like saving money – having a growing account knowing that someday I’ll need it (and I sure am glad I did because now I am using it!) but that’s at the cost of making my house a home with all the creature comforts and a few quality things. It’s interesting that some little girls play-house, fantasize about what their house is going to be or look like when they grow up. I did it. I still fantasize about my “dream house”, what ideal location I’d like it nestled in and how I would decorate – or not. I don’t have any one idea – my brain is all over the map and it conjures up all kinds of decor. Who knows what the future may bring.

Having a home, a place to call your own filled with the people you love and treasures you’ve collected over a lifetime…It’s a basic human need, it’s safety, it’s our stamp in this world. It’s also a fine line to walk: to create a home with a modest amount of furnishings but don’t place a high priority on those things. I was talking with a friend about how we’d feel if our house burned down – she said, “I’d be devastated, I love all my things”. I said, “for me, a chance for something new, to start over”. I had felt at that time that I was in a better position because I had no attachment to my things but I gave some thought to her things and why she is attached: she is an artist and she has aquired and made into art work all the people, experiences and things over her lifetime. I could understand her love for her things that she created or acquired. I then felt that I was missing out on something – something primal. I didn’t let it bother me – I soon forgot all about it – until today.

Finding a balance between what we love and where we place our priorities. I can make my house a home and love it – be grateful for what I have but not be so attached to it as to mourn it when/if it’s gone. Maybe that’s part of being thankful – knowing what we have is precious and valuable to us but it’s all transient.

Daily Prompt: nest

I came across this while walking my dogs in the (city) park this morning. I initially I didn’t stop and look but then my conscious kicked in and I backed up and took another look…and a photo. It looked like black bear scat to me but I double checked online just to be more certain. Yep, google images had a photo that was almost identical to mine – minus the sneaker.

I was disappointed not to have seen any tracks in the soft dirt of the newly graded walkway that the city has just created (but not paved over yet) -however, I was more concerned about my pooches and their whereabouts ~ and mildly curious that they were not showing some sniffy interest in the pile.

The morning was cold, just above freezing, and spitting some snow which had already accumulated on grassless areas. It’s the beginning of my second- favorite time of year: winter. I was pretty toasty with my long coat on and gloves and I enjoy brisk, gray days with good chances of snow! Who doesn’t?!

Steampunk expo photos

I am ‘new’ to the steampunk alternative culture and the expo was my very first event where I could see all the vaious interpretations of couture, accoutrements, vehicles and books/stories. It was two full days of vendors (I bought a book and a pin) and “panels” where discussions took place ranging from the history of steampunk to how to create your own ensemble. It was exciting and a little enticing; the Victorian era clothing is a big part of the culture here in the northeast whereas in Ontario, according to one man I talked with, there is hardly any Victorian influence but French.


As you can see from the above two photos; Steampunk “Buzz Lightyear”, a cowboy scientist/chemist, a ‘red coat’ or Canadian Mountie, and two Steampunk Persians ((appologies if I have the wrong culture but I do believe that is who they are representing)). As one panelist put it, and I can’t quote him due to my poor memory but it was spot-on, Steampunk is our interpretation of the nineteenth century’s idea of the future: i.e. how we think the steam powered culture envisioned the future and how it might look.

This is a link to the local news station’s coverage of this event: Vermont Steampunk Expo

Below are some photos; the first several are all handmade in steampunk fashion by Joel D. Bradley of ‘weapons, armament & miscellany’. Note: the ‘guns’ are Nerf, water, ping-pong ball and other safe and playful uses.

Umbrellas or parasols
a pair of water guns
dueling pistols


this and all the above are only a handful of unique designs by Mr. Bradley
HCS Hatton Cross Steampunk Publishing – Not only dressed exquisitly but they had the “vehicles of mass distraction” including “Silver”, the horse, as well as some steampunk themed books.
Tea Dueling
I unfortunately cannot remember the name of the craftsman at this table. I thought I had taken a business card. Wrist cuffs and a (nerf) gun and holster – incredible artistry.
these two photos show the detail of wood and leather tooling (except the gun)
A very knowledgeable, humble speaker, author & historian. This is the only item I bought (and a small pin that she made and will mail to me)