#the really you! 1-11

The amount of television/dvd/stream/Netflix that I watch per week is, compared to most, almost none. I like my (Patriots) football games but I am usually working so I ‘record’ and it’s a 50/50 whether or not I even watch them. When I find a ‘show’/series that I like (TV or Netflix = ‘screen time’) I’ll watch/binge on 2 or 3 a couple days/nights a week. On average per week I’d say three hours. My taste in programs is finicky so I don’t find a lot that I like. I don’t rent or own DVDs. Sometimes I’ll go for stretches of time (weeks) where I don’t watch any TV, etc. I’m more of a ‘mover’ (I get restless sitting for too long) and a book reader.

I don’t know if I’d even be able to honestly ‘admit’ that I entertain myself. Entertainment denotes something for ‘fun‘ and I can’t say I have ‘fun‘. To answer the question of how I keep myself entertained, I’d say: I enjoy reading (usually non-fiction) but I enjoy audio books more lately because they allow me to be intellectually/emotionally stimulated whilst I DO something (house chores, crafts, in car). Otherwise, I enjoy my children and grandchildren, my friends and hiking with my dogs. I also spend a lot of time in my own head. Narcissist? Maybe. Blogging/reading blogs – obviously.

How do I prevent myself from becoming bored and do I suffer from boredom? Interesting.           ~ Boredom is a lack of imagination and/or initiative. Do something. Go somewhere. Could my life be more interesting? Sure! Could I be more interesting? Yep. But I am what I am. I do what I do. I am satisfied.

AGuyCalledBloke: #The Really You! Season 1, Game 11



#the really you! 1-1

If I want to relax, depending on the time of year, weather, etc.: Winter: hot tub. Anything weather but rain or sleet: walk in the woods. Summer: lounge in front of AC with a book.

My favorite sweet treat: I am not a sweet-eater so “sweet treats” are rare. I might grab a Snickers at a store checkout or if I see a mouthwatering piece of lemon meringue pie on a menu/cafeteria selection.

My guilty-est Pleasure is sleeping in “late” – and I do feel guilty when I do it too.

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