#SYW: 3/30/20

Thanks to Melanie at SPARKSFROMACOMBUSTIBLEMIND for the questions. SYW Computer Globe

Pancakes, waffles or French Toast as your breakfast favorite? 

None of those are my “breakfast favorite”, ((or is it: “.. ,”?)) but of those choices I usually would choose pancakes because they are more filling but for flavor, the french toast.

Do you think a person’s name influences the person they become?

I’m not sure what you are asking but if it has to do with a name that ‘invites’ ridicule and the young one is bullied, depending on their character, they could ‘become’ angry, sad, withdrawn, etc. However, as we age, we can chose to overcome those hurdles and, if one dares, a name can be changed quite easily. People don’t seem to think of that but I’ve done it; easy peasy.

Would things get better or worse if humans focused on what was going well rather than what’s going wrong?

I think we need balance; balance is something we don’t seem to be able to do. Looking at what works is motivating and gratifying. Focusing on what is not working is an opportunity to change it/things – which we also don’t do well.

Is math something that humans created or something we discovered? Is looking at reality mathematically an accurate representation of how things work?

I’ve tried to answer this twice and I give up. Maybe another day.

Gratitude: I’ve been feeling a little anxious the last couple of days – that’s not like me. The gray, rainy, cold weather doesn’t help either. I typically have a grateful attitude for the most important things in life so sometimes I try to find something different…………..      ……….. a take away, a thing to be grateful for right now with this pandemic is…. it reveals the inadequacies within our government (for those who’ve yet to discern), it reveals what kind of people we are, what we value, where we could stand improvement, it reveals that we are not better or smarter or more Holy than other people/countries, that we as likely to fail and fall and die and, in some cases, more spectacularly than others. It’s an opportunity to wake up, stand up and do better. My most optimistic opinion is that we will need to do this individually and hope that there’s enough of us to tip the scales and make an impact. If not, I am grateful that I have the capacity to be an observer and not contribute to the chaos.


#SYW questions from Melanie

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What harsh truths do you prefer to ignore? Mmmmm….I can’t think of any “harsh truths” that I prefer to ignore…It may be that I’m accustomed to harsh reality from infancy and I mostly SEE harsh reality. The closest I can come to ‘ignoring a truth’ is when I deliberately ignore rude people but that’s just because I’ve found it more beneficial to my own health to pretend that willfully rude remarks, for example, are not my business nor I will I allow them to change my reality or mood or character. Don’t give other people the power over you.

Is free will real or just an illusion? Well, Melanie, you’re really digging deep here. There’s a saying, “Nothing is free.” The only ‘free will’ that I can foresee when all other liberties and freedoms are stripped away is the freedom to think what I want. Maybe that’s not what you intend? 

What is the meaning of true love? How a dog feels toward its ‘person’. 

reminder: try something new…

From Melanie at sparksfromacombustiblemind:

When was the last time you tried something new? A few months ago I got a new mattress and a few weeks ago I tried a new appetizer while dining out.

If you were forced to eliminate every physical possession from your life with the exception of what could fit into a single backpack, what would you put in it? Interesting question: …I’d have to choose my tent, sleeping bag, heating cannister/burner, wood matches/lighter, wool socks, down jacket, raincoat, change of clothes, cap/wool hat, sunglasses, bandana, fleece, gloves, rope, knife, eating utensils, collapsing plate/bowl, inflating mattress, phone, cord & jump charger, wallet contents, toothbrush, micro-cloth, CamelBak, extra bottle, & anything else that I’ve carried and can’t remember right now.

What simple fact do you wish more people understood? We are all meant to be unique individuals sharing our gifts/talents and the differences between us do not diminished anyone else’s significance.

What food item do you go through fastest in your house? coffee

Gratitude: for the opportunity to write…here.

a few answers in ShareYourWorld

Melanie has some new questions for us to answer and get to know each other a little more and here they are:

What age would you like to live to? If I am healthy, financially (and physically) independent and ‘happy’, 80 years sounds like enough.

What mystery do you wish you knew the answer to? John responded that he’d like to know what happens after death so I’ll go with: where’s Noah’s Ark, the Ark of the Covenant, how/why were the Nazca lines in Peru created, how/why the Easter Island statues, is there really anything supernatural about the Bermuda Triangle? Any one of those please.

Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? Absolutely.

What outdoor activity haven’t you tried, but would like to? I can’t think of an outdoor activity that I’d like to do; I’ve either done them or I don’t want to…oh, wait! I’d like to have a (high-powered) telescope and observe the universe/galaxy/milky-way…whatever I can see out there!!

Share your world: answers


Why do we have such trouble telling our loved ones that we love them?  Do you have that kind of communication issue with your loved ones?

I tell my loved ones that I love them but it’s a quick “love you” in saying “good-bye” – not the sincere, look in their eyes and really mean it saying “I love you”…I believe this is because I didn’t hear it – ever – growing up, no hugs either. So I am a little uncomfortable with ‘touchy-feely’ emotions.

        Above question inspired by this short, poignant blog post:


Decorations for holidays?   Spirit lifters or pain in the butt?   Or a mix?

No decorations. Not a fan of spending my hard earned money for a misleading, cultural “holy-day”

Do you donate to charities?  Of your time, do you feel money is the only true gift, or other?  (nod to Rory for this idea)

Sometimes. I have no ‘routine’ about donating…although sometimes I think I should.

Are you too superstitious or  have you ever played with a Ouija Board?

I’m not superstitions and I’ve only played with a Oiija board many lifetimes ago as a child at a sleepover.

SYW: Share your world.