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These photos are not mine, they are taken from a book (unfortunately I do not have the title/author but when I get the info I’ll edit) that belongs to a sewing friend. I just loved these ideas for appliqué and…someday…I might even make them. Hand-work is very relaxing for me. I enjoy it but finding the time to sit long enough to get projects done is harder.




#SoCS: cramp


Leaves trapped in suspension at verying depths in a frozen pond. October’s “Indian Summer” lasted most of the month in NH – leaves clung tightly to trees well after the city came through to suck up what was raked and gathered on the roadsides. Even now my oak and sterile pear trees are bearing up in the frigid cold – with brittle leaves clacking in the wind, so dry now, it’s a wonder they can adhere so heartily as they do. The weak sunlight, even mid-day, is a faint, low grey and casts its cool heat briefly, cramped between dawn and dusk before the dark, winter night falls again. Time feels appropriately frozen too, one day moving into another with little disturbed to distinguish   any change on the clock or calendar – endless cold and grey stretching toward an unseen point in the future.

an ink kink


I have an inkling that many people will write about writing (duh), pens, and possibly tattoos. I like writing, I have a thing about pens – they gotta feel right- and I do have a tattoo.

I’ve been having trouble lately writing – even with prompts. It doesn’t usually concern me when I have a ‘block’ – it’s not like I’m a real writer, or have an audience or write anything interesting. But I do enjoy putting down what’s been running across my mind and the last few days it’s been blankness.

There’s a link between how busy we are or, at least, how busy our minds are and what we have to say or write about. Since I’ve been responsible for my grandson’s daily care, I’ve not seen any friends, listened to any interesting radio/podcasts or even done anything interesting – dog walks have become sporadic and short. Tinkering with prompts usually induces me to think of something but today – it’s a wrinkle that stinks.

#SoCS: ink

Excuse me…


“Excuse me!, Hello! You-Who!”

That’s how old I am – “excuse me” was the phrase you would use to get someone’s attention, to interrupt a conversation, to get by someone in a crampted spot. I don’t hear “excuse me” hardly ever anymore. When I was working, I used that phrase all the time because there is so much activity in a hospital that to interrupt and be heard you had to insert yourself. I could never bring myself to just jump in front of people and start talking, ask a question or otherwise be ‘rude’ but I noticed other people never had a problem with that.

“Hello!” is the more modern way of getting people’s attention and it’s usually said with an exasperated, exaggerated “I can’t believe this!” attitude, like “hellllllooooo!” (insert hand on hip and forward head roll). I use “hello!” more like a sing-songy “you-who” – more cheery in the way a middle-aged, prim neighbor would call over a garden hedge.

“You-who” or “you-hoo” – I mean, who says that anymore? Right?

#SoCS: attention seeking word: i.e. “pssst”



I’m starting to get into somewhat of a schedule being  Grand-mommy for about three weeks now; by the time I have it down and pat without feeling like I’m frantic, my daughter will be home and the journey will be overwith. That’s okay – I’m trying to enjoy it while I can.

Today I had a bruncheon scheduled and it was cold and an hour away and I was thinking that I just wanted to enjoy my “day off” in my warm house with the sun shining in the windows. I wanted to catch up on things that I have not had time or energy to do but need to be done. I did, however, enjoy the time with my friend, got a dog walk in also and just as I got home, a few things done and was sitting to relax, perhaps write, I had a visitor. It was a nice visit and now my day is almost over – the sun is behind the trees and it’s getting cold – even inside.

It could be that I’m older or it might have something to do with the fact that I have not had much in the way of a consistent schedule for a few months but my brain doesn’t process things as quickly as it (seems) like it used to. While I was driving to my my bruncheon with my friend, alone in the car, quiet ~ my brain swarmed with ideas of things I have to do: my feet were getting colder and I realized I have to get my boots out, I knew I’d be cold walking the dogs and I then thought that I need to get my headband, gloves, coat (v/s jacket) out also. When I’m not in the middle of taking care of the five-year old grandson, laundry, dishes, lunch, groceries, etc. my consciousness had time to reflect on the things that I have to still do now that cold weather has definitely finally come.

But, first things first, sit down to write.

#SoCS: arm

Steampunk’in festival

In the past I’d written a post specifically about Steampunk couture with some photos as examples taken from Google, steampunkcouture but here is a photo of me today in full ‘costume’ and then another one of me (w/o jacket) and my steampunk friend at a pumpkin festival in NH. My friend asked me if I’d be interested in attending the festival because there was going to be a Steampunk MeetUp group there (small group and they did have a canopy). I expected this whole event to be mobbed with people, a big seasonal event like pumpkin festivals take place in many towns in NH with hundreds of carved pumpkins to light up when it gets dark. I will say I left before night fall but I did have a great time ‘dressed up’ (something that I don’t normally do, … I don’t think I’ve ever dressed up – in costume) and it was fun finding what I wanted and then making the accoutrements to go with it. I plan on attending the Burlington, Vermont Steampunk Expo in a couple of weeks in which I’ll wear this outfit (hopefully we have cooler temperatures by then 🙂 and I should, by then, have created another. (Just a side note: I left earlier than I’d intended because the event took place in a shadeless field, no tents, no picnic tables, no chairs or anything for anyone to get out of the sun/heat or a place to sit and eat their food. You’d think it wasn’t that hot at the end of October but in the sun, endlessly, all day, it was very hot – and I’m not the only one to note the lack of considerations in this regard. When I went back out to my car three hours later – so many empty spaces where before it was packed). Anyway – I loved my outfit, I had fun dressing up and hanging out with my friend today.


#SoCS: season

Daily Prompt: expect

succumbing to aging and not feeling well


I’ve thought a little about both the daily prompt and the SoCS prompt and all that comes to my mind is:

More so lately, I’m not feeling well. I am succumbing to the symptoms (painful joints and stiff muscles/tendons/ligaments) of ‘old age’. I’m not going to b*tch about this too much because, well, who wants to read that? No one. Also, I don’t do anything to avert these symptoms either – I know I should at least stretch every day and I know yoga helps a lot but…I just don’t do it. I get right up and start my day with my mental list of “things to do” and I’m usually busy all day. My way of thinking, ‘if I’m constantly busy doing things, physical things, then why is this happening and at such a quick rate?’ I’ve been told that aging, ‘growing old’, shouldn’t be painful. I don’t know if that was just the ignorance of the young man who said it or if he is actually right. I do know that these symptoms came on quickly and have not subsided but been chronic and gotten worse. I could possibly feel better if I just did a few things to help myself out – it’s not a guarantee but I won’t know until I do it everyday for several weeks and find out. So, it comes down, in part, to my own fault –

Well, that’s it. That’s my stream of consciousness for this morning – – with or without those two words.

SoCS: well

SoCS: well … again

Daily Prompt: succumb