Steampunk’in festival

In the past I’d written a post specifically about Steampunk couture with some photos as examples taken from Google, steampunkcouture but here is a photo of me today in full ‘costume’ and then another one of me (w/o jacket) and my steampunk friend at a pumpkin festival in NH. My friend asked me if I’d be interested in attending the festival because there was going to be a Steampunk MeetUp group there (small group and they did have a canopy). I expected this whole event to be mobbed with people, a big seasonal event like pumpkin festivals take place in many towns in NH with hundreds of carved pumpkins to light up when it gets dark. I will say I left before night fall but I did have a great time ‘dressed up’ (something that I don’t normally do, … I don’t think I’ve ever dressed up – in costume) and it was fun finding what I wanted and then making the accoutrements to go with it. I plan on attending the Burlington, Vermont Steampunk Expo in a couple of weeks in which I’ll wear this outfit (hopefully we have cooler temperatures by then 🙂 and I should, by then, have created another. (Just a side note: I left earlier than I’d intended because the event took place in a shadeless field, no tents, no picnic tables, no chairs or anything for anyone to get out of the sun/heat or a place to sit and eat their food. You’d think it wasn’t that hot at the end of October but in the sun, endlessly, all day, it was very hot – and I’m not the only one to note the lack of considerations in this regard. When I went back out to my car three hours later – so many empty spaces where before it was packed). Anyway – I loved my outfit, I had fun dressing up and hanging out with my friend today.


#SoCS: season

Daily Prompt: expect


succumbing to aging and not feeling well


I’ve thought a little about both the daily prompt and the SoCS prompt and all that comes to my mind is:

More so lately, I’m not feeling well. I am succumbing to the symptoms (painful joints and stiff muscles/tendons/ligaments) of ‘old age’. I’m not going to b*tch about this too much because, well, who wants to read that? No one. Also, I don’t do anything to avert these symptoms either – I know I should at least stretch every day and I know yoga helps a lot but…I just don’t do it. I get right up and start my day with my mental list of “things to do” and I’m usually busy all day. My way of thinking, ‘if I’m constantly busy doing things, physical things, then why is this happening and at such a quick rate?’ I’ve been told that aging, ‘growing old’, shouldn’t be painful. I don’t know if that was just the ignorance of the young man who said it or if he is actually right. I do know that these symptoms came on quickly and have not subsided but been chronic and gotten worse. I could possibly feel better if I just did a few things to help myself out – it’s not a guarantee but I won’t know until I do it everyday for several weeks and find out. So, it comes down, in part, to my own fault –

Well, that’s it. That’s my stream of consciousness for this morning – – with or without those two words.

SoCS: well

SoCS: well … again

Daily Prompt: succumb

Artistic expression


Stream of Consciousness Sunday: It’s a beautiful 79 degrees, light breeze, blue skies with a few clouds here in Concord, NH. I went to Vermont Saturday morning to stay overnight  at a friend’s house and the weather was balmy with occasional light rain. I was sweating doing nothing.

It’s nice to “get away” and recharge. My friends are very down-to-earth and wonderful hosts. My girl-friend is an artist and it was inspirational to see what she does ‘for fun’ (her hobby) and her home decorative style. It made me re-visualize what I intend to do with my home once I have it back to myself.

Creativity is, I believe, one of the reasons ‘we’ exist, to create and find joy. I have a tendancy towards the pragmatic (a safe and bland style) so to reflect on what I’d like to do but in a more artistic way lifted my spirits and gave me something to think more about and look forward to.

SoCS: save/safe

two sentences


Due to my lengthy regurgitated emotional baggage packed post of yesterday, I’m empty of thoughts, words and feelings. Today, because it is raining, I will stay indoors for awhile and busy my hands with my to-do-list of small projects but I want to exit this quick SoCS with a quote from Robert Browning: What Youth deemed crystal, Age finds out is dew.

SoCS: do, dew, due



The photo was taken while I was in northern Vermont. It is a bumper-sticker among many on a guardrail of a pull-off to a view. I didn’t  ‘research’ it to verify it’s authenticity. I don’t really care – it’s the ‘sentiment’ that matters the most: raise the bar on our thoughts & deeds and we elevate our cultural norm.

I’m a big “self-improvement” addict. I try to minimize the negitive and optimize the positive. It’s a life-long study. No matter what is going on in our own personal lives, we do have some choices – they are not always “good” versus “bad” ones, sometimes they are this shitty path or that shitty path, but it’s a choice nun-the-less, that will take us to yet another destination. I try to remember, while I’m bemoaning a current, less-than-best scenario, that my decisions are of my own volition and there is no use blaming or harboring resentment or wishing I’d done differently. Just deal with the now.

We improve ourselves and our communities one person at a time.

SoCS: “…vol…” volition

Maintaining hope despite adversity

socs-badge-2017-18-e1503097084778I have been feeling so good since I haven’t been working; I’ve renewed my interest in quilting and other activities, I’ve been more social and made a few new friends and I feel more positive (overall) than I’ve felt – ever. But, I can’t survive much longer without an income so I’ve started looking at job openings in areas that I’m not familiar with such as banking. The problem is: the wage for breaking new ground is low or minimal and that is not going to work for me financially (frankly, I don’t know HOW it works for anybody?). The other option is to look for an opening in the field for which I’m trained but…that is an environment that is toxic by nature and I don’t really want to return to it. The other dilemma right now is my daughter’s pregnancy: she may have to be hospitalized for several weeks before her C-section (scheduled prematurely for the survival of the baby) and that means someone will have to take care of my grandson while my son-in-law works. IF I am employed – regardless of where – I won’t be available to take care of my grandson. IF I forgo employment should she need me, I will put myself in a position of desperately needing an income WHEN she is able to resume her parental responsibilities and it’s questionable IF there will be either openings or IF I’ll be hired at the most crucial time. I have always worked very hard to support myself and my family, sometimes two jobs. I don’t regret taking the time to hike the AT and taking the time to heal physically from that and emotionally/psychologically (from working). My more healthy state of mind makes me more positive and optimistic about my future and finding employment. I am motivated to look for and apply for jobs (within my profession and without) and I hope that things will work out for the best. If it gets more complicated, I will deal with that as it comes. Leaving my job was a gamble that, at this time, only appears to may have been a foolish decision but the opportunity has given me so much more than staying in that job (for the income) would ever have done for me. I am grateful for where I am in my life right now despite the fact that financial stability looks rather precarious. Life is about living; following your dreams and usually taking chances. It’s also about perseverance in overcoming adversity and maintaining hope.

SoCS: motive

the birth of another way of ‘talking’


SoCSunday – I was busy yesterday and by then end of the day – I was not conscious.  The photo below is one of the many I took while on a ‘walk’ along the edge of a pond in NH. For a holiday weekend, I was surprised that there were not hoards of people there; there were some but much of the day I had the quiet nature-noises of the woods and the sound of lapping water. I could go on and on about my day



but I can’t insert ‘birth’ or ‘berth’ anywhere in those thoughts but what does come to mind is texting versus talking. The birth of the now number way to communicate ~ texting ~ is a great asset as well as a huge deficit: we have our ‘conversations’ logged “in writing” (which is interesting considering most people should be leary of that) and maybe all the texting as well as typing on social media is really more communication that we used to do despite our claims that people aren’t talking anymore. I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other, nor do I really care. I just like the fact that I am not answering a phone (because I have my settings NOT pushing an alert everytime someone texts, messages, emails, or any other “like” or “mentioned you” that happens) and when I do look at my phone for texts, messages – I reply when I’m ready. Also, when I am in face-to-face conversation … my phone is not a third person in the room.