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I’d put it off long enough and had to face the fact that I DO need to go to the grocery store. It’s not a favorite chore of mine anyway so knowing I’m going to have to insert myself into the sea of insanity made me a tad bit testy. I made of point of: only browsing the aisles that I needed, not looking at other people or their carts, and staring off into space as the woman in front of me (cart loaded with water and a load of other stuff – normal? who knows) checked out (needing to use two different cards). I considered going to another store because a few items —not toilet paper —were no where to be found but I decided to return home and then go for a walk before the sun completely disappeared.

I have yet to meet anyone that I have any conversations with who believes we are headed into the end of the world and feel the need to supply their cellar or bunker with completely unnecessary items such as ass-paper. So, either it’s a rare few fucktards who just think about their own ass or people are lying – like the ones who won’t admit that they support Trump. And, just to throw it out there: ultra-violet radiation from the sun is a disinfectant. When I was backpacking, a common use of bandanas for female hikers is to wipe after urination and then hang it on the outside of our backpack. The air dries it and the sun disinfects it. Google it. Also, when a hiker comes to a water source, the bandana can be ‘washed’, you remember, soap and water? and then hung to dry. So, for everyone who can’t find any toilet paper because dumb-asses have filled a spare room with it, use a washcloth, cloth scrap, old sock, whatever, and wash it in the sink and hang to dry for the next time. Easy-Peasy. No one on the trail carried an 8-pack of toilet paper with them. That is just as stupid as people hoarding it because there’s a respiratory virus (not an intestinal virus). Idiots.

I can go on to shed more of my enlightenment here but I’ll save it for later.

Okay. I’m done.

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#FOWC: treatment/healthcare

Fandango’s been on a roll lately what with all his questions and one-word prompts. Today the #FOWC is ‘treatment’ which follows the heals 😉 heels of his question prompt I can across just yesterday (but posted a few months ago) about healthcare. And THAT prompt elicited a bevy of comments, one being that if “free healthcare” exists for everyone, people would take advantage; as in be greedy because people love free stuff (my words). There was a comment or two in rebuttal that is much better written, coherent & more informed, than anything that I can put together but I do have an opinion. I work in “healthcare” and I’m not saying that makes me more informed about how the industry works, where the money goes and what we should/could do to make it better. I am just one person who spends days every week in a hospital setting with real patients (not TV) and have done so for over two decades. Based on the aforementioned I think I can say that most people who will ‘take advantage’ of “free healthcare” will be people who need to see a doctor, a dentist or need medication or physical therapy or – the best reason yet – mental healthcare. I don’t see a lot of people lining up at the local doc-in-a-box or hospital for ‘free stuff’ in the way of medical attention. Most people have better and more interesting things to do in their lives besides hanging out in a waiting room to then be relocated to yet another room to do some more waiting, have needles inserted into them, have to give stool or urine specimens or asked the same questions a million times by various staff.

Are there some people who will “needlessly” visit the ER or clinic? Why, yes, there will be: they already exists. They are flagged for multiple (questionably unnecessary) visits and, now with the ever widening electronic charting between facilities, their negative impact upon the facility, staff, time, etc. is minimized. There are answers or solutions for the outlier in every situation if people/organizations are willing to face the problem, determine the origin and then solve the problem. Some people repeatedly visit ER or clinics because they are homeless and/or hungry and want warmth and food. Some people (usually elderly/shut-ins) are lonely and ‘act out’ of frustration or fear of loneliness. Some people revisit the ER/clinics because they are underinsured or have no insurance and don’t have the options that we, the entitled, do have. There are scenarios ad nauseam of why people – seemingly – go to ERs or clinics when the rest of us believes it inappropriate but I’m not going to list them.

If people had available physical/dental healthcare and mental healthcare and would be able to receive appropriate treatment appropriately they would then not be the burden on society that so many fear (and resent) already. And for those that think some people will be greedy about ‘free’ healthcare, having worked in a ‘soup kitchen’ I can attest that even there people are ‘prevented from abusing the system’. Stop being led by the fear-factor of what some people might do and think, for a change, of how we’d all benefit.

For anyone interested in a little light reading, here is a link I got from another blogger’s comment ( I have not read it …yet, don’t know how much I will read but it is relevant information about one healthcare plan proposed by one candidate.

#FOWC: treatment

no progress

fowcThis is going to be another SoC post as I don’t really have anything to say. I am still trying to use each day to the fullest but I find that (especially my two-days off) the day after work I’m a lump and the second day I’m more motivated except when I only have two days, then I think, why start something now? Sometimes progress is slow. Sometimes it isn’t at all. Here’s a two-day synopsis:

Thursday I can barely remember – seriously, it was just 24-hours ago and I can’t remember unless I check my daily calendar with my notes (if I remember to write a note about the day). I was sluggish and I knew it was because I got home from work about 10ishpm but I didn’t do much to correct it *although I thought about it a lot…which is stupid because I feel guilty about not doing ‘anything’ so I’m thinking about it but still don’t do anything – and by “do anything” I mean things that I need/want or should be done: I started my taxes but haven’t finished, I started to ‘clean’ a rug but didn’t finish. That kind of stuff* My son stayed home from work because he didn’t feel well – and, ironically, he lounged around the first floor with me instead of hanging out in his room (basement) like he usually does. I didn’t say anything but I hope I don’t/didn’t catch it. And I walked the dogs – I always do that on my day off unless it’s raining. I soaked in the tub because it was sunny and I always try to take advantage of getting some sunshine since there are many, many winter days that it either doesn’t shine or I’m stuck inside from before sunrise until after sunset. I read and finished a novel I had started weeks ago and I watched a couple programs on Netflix. L-A-Z-Y, like I said.

Friday after sleeping like an owl, I got up, made coffee and opened up my laptop. I checked out WP to see if anything inspires me (didn’t) and then finished watching the program I fell asleep during (just more). I checked in with my daughter so see if she wanted to take advantage of a 25% off sale at the local indie-bookstore and for something to do outside the house with the granddaughter (yes, we went and then to the grocery store). Then I took out all the (F’ing) tax stuff and started on that only to realize that I still do not have some form that I was allegedly supposed to receive because I paid back some money I was ‘given’ as a sign-on bonus for my last F-T job. Made several phones calls because, as we all now know, that’s how often one has to call to; 1. get a human, and 2. get disconnected, and, after all that, no one had an answer or solution as to what I am supposed to do about this pay-back-income. By now my daughter has arrived to pick me up. At the bookstore – in which I would have liked to spend more time than the hour we did – I bought a financial (all around everything) book for Dummies over 50yrs., one of the books that the bookstore is promoting for monthly open political/social discussions (Rebecca Solnit’s Whose Story is This?) and a David McCullough’s The American Spirit, plus some ergonomic-ambidexterous crayons for my granddaughter (I’d include a photo, they are so cool, but they went home with the rug-rat), a tiny bear toy, and a plastic rattle egg in some pastel color…all of which she, the granddaughter, pushed around the store in her little toddler ‘grocery cart’ 🙂 Then off to the grocery store where I purchased goods to make ‘meals’ for me to take to work. Once home I sat in my tub while trying to reach someone – again – on the phone, gave up and started reading the Solnit book. I get bored in the tub and, like I said, I only do it for the Vit. D so I got out (nice and warmed up) and took the fur-babies for a walk. And now…here I am. It’s 1507 and I’ll soon quit here and go make my meals while listening to my audio book. There were some interesting posts in my Reader so I’ll return later to read or save some for the weekend. I have to pack my few clothes to take with me and remind my daughter to look after the dogs while I’m gone…hopefully get that damn rug back into the house to ‘finish’ it. I’ll also take my tax stuff to work incase it’s possible to work on it.

Those are my two deflatable days off. Bright side: after the weekend, it’s three days, a do-over!

monday sos

Monday morning…up way earlier than I would be if I did not have to be somewhere (baby sit my granddaughter today)…made coffee and sat in the dark watching the sunrise. It’s my third day “off” but I’ve been so busy out of town that I don’t really feel that I’ve had time off…to relax…well, this will pass and I’ll have another couple days off at the end of the week. I watched some Black Mirror on Netflix. If you haven’t heard of this program, it’s individual episodes (not serial) and what I’d call “realistic futuristic”: not too far into the future so you don’t notice it right away but almost all the episodes have a heavy hand with electronics (social media, etc). The creators seem to have taken our current social problems and projected them into the not-too-distant-future – very interesting. I recommend watching.

Fandango’s word prompt for today is: HISTORY. I don’t have much to say about history other than it repeats itself – which reminds me…and this will piss some people off but I’m just conveying my thoughts: I am listening to an audio book called TALKING TO STRANGERS by Malcolm Gladwell (my town has a monthly ‘book’ meeting with a moderator, the purpose of which is to increase dialogue between people of opposing sides-more later) and the second or third chapter was about Adolf Hitler. I cannot not tell you how many times the similarities between this historical figure and the one in the White House came to mind…without the least bit of premeditated thought bias – it was really VERY interesting.

Okay…gotta go. Have a great day!

dubious information exchange at polls

Photo on 2-11-20 at 9.51 AMRiddle me this: voting is supposed to be anonymous or ‘secret’ and, I suppose, whom one specifically votes for might be…probably is, but today when I went to vote – every 2-4 years I forget exactly how this works – and I was asked which ballot I wanted: Republican or Democrat. I was a little off guard because I’d rather not be ‘identified’ as one side or the other. I guess it is to ease the ‘counting’ but why can’t all candidates be listed on one ballot: on the Left, all Democrats and on the Right, all Republicans? Most voters know that you vote for which candidate (on one side OR the other) you want to win the primary. It’s not likely (but obviously not guaranteed either) that someone will vote for two candidates.

Then, to change back to ‘unspecified’ (as it’s typed) or, as we all call it “independent”, I had to go to a table just before the exit door and fill in my: name, address, check a box for which party I voted for and then check a box to switch back to independent…then sign and date. Here’s the kicker: it was a 8×11 size sheet of paper with four boxes on it, two at the top and two at the bottom and within each box is a typed form with the above mentioned questions. I was asked to use the top right box and, therefore, I could see the names, addresses and party information of the previous two people. Not that I memorized them nor care but….

I am wondering what the routine is in other states, anyone?


#FPQ.3: morality/#FOWC: forever

“Is morality objective or is it subjective? If you believe it’s objective, what is its source? If you believe it’s subjective, how do you know whose concept of morality is correct?”

Before I launch, I want to define some verbiage here:

  1. Morality: principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior; a particular system of values and principles of conduct, especially one held by a specified person or society.
  2. Values: Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. They (should) determine your priorities, and, deep down, they’re probably the measures you use to tell if your life is turning out the way you want it to.
  3. Principles: a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning (i.e. “Christian principles”)

If the fundamental [USA] proposition is ‘freedom’ (expression, religion, liberty, property, the pursuit of happiness, justice, equality of opportunity, diversity), it would follow that values and morality become individual…based on, perhaps, religion or ethnicity or diversity (sexual preference/gender theory), etc. What is immoral to one is a fundamental truth/authenticity for someone else.

I clipped/pasted (one) definition of morality above because lines are blurring as, not only what is right or wrong, but what is morality? Lying used to be ‘wrong’ but no more; now there’s a spectrum for lying and it’s so ubiquitous that you’d be hard pressed to find someone who believes lying is morally wrong – any lying. Cheating (sexual affairs) on a spouse/girl/boyfriend is no longer morally wrong – it’s just a matter of breaching trust. Gossip & slander was considered wrong at one time and kept to whispers; if the offender was caught, they were embarrassed and often suffered consequences from friends and/or family for the transgression. Not now…no one is careful about what they say about other people and if truth is brought to light, it’s met with a shrug – no big deal.

The problem with all these “small” examples of moral decay is that it has become the fabric of our lives, no longer the exception. Without values, a society has nothing left to build on – there is no longer any reason to be honest or trustworthy or reliable because it’s become irrelevant. The irony is that people have become judgmental of other people for the very things that most, if not all, of us do; the conversation is now about who is, for example, more of a liar or cheat or unreliable – who is pushing the boundaries to more extremes.

If morality is objective, no one cares any more. If it’s subjective then we’ll always have something to judge and fight about because we lack the ability to allow others the freedom that we all believe we are ‘entitled’ to have for ourselves.

BTW: I’ve been trying to get this written and posted forever…well, all damn day anyway.

#FOWC: forever


chaos/conspiracy in the work environment

I can no longer legitimately complain about work, not from this work paradise that I am currently in (all things relative), so on days like today, when it’s chaos and I can’t keep up with my patient schedule – usually due to Emergencies that monopolize my time – I try to remember that the worst day here is better than the best day anywhere else that I have been employed. That doesn’t stop me from getting a little frazzled (mostly in my head but it leaks out in my tone, sometimes, I’m sure) and then I start to feel like there’s a conspiracy among nursing staff regarding my/our work ethic.

It’s not completely in my head; nursing staff dominates in numbers all other staff/departments in hospitals and, a little like BIG government conspiracies, the larger the number, the more they can get away with being manipulative and disingenuous. I personally have not had much in the way of problems with nursing staff because I am a team player, I communicate and I – almost all the time – don’t take things personally or allow things to bother me (too much). However, I do take offense when I am met with a condescending, lazy or superior attitude when it comes to my job performance: I am not a slacker and I am quick to respond to assertions that I “didn’t do anything” when, and this is an obvious conclusion, I am the only therapist ‘on’ and I am present throughout the entire facility for any ’emergent’ situation (which includes fainting – at least initially) so if I am not present or ‘miss’ seeing a patient or ‘don’t respond’ (as in I don’t respond in mere seconds after I was paged) it’s because I AM BUSY AND I CANNOT RESPOND AT THIS TIME…it’s not because I am avoiding work or otherwise ignoring calls. DUH!

Anyway…it’s been a hectic day and, although a lot of what I shared here does not necessarily pertain to today’s issues…I am still suffering from (a form of) PTSD from working slaving at other facilities and I needed to vent some of this pent-up frustration.


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