Steampunk’in festival

In the past I’d written a post specifically about Steampunk couture with some photos as examples taken from Google, steampunkcouture but here is a photo of me today in full ‘costume’ and then another one of me (w/o jacket) and my steampunk friend at a pumpkin festival in NH. My friend asked me if I’d be interested in attending the festival because there was going to be a Steampunk MeetUp group there (small group and they did have a canopy). I expected this whole event to be mobbed with people, a big seasonal event like pumpkin festivals take place in many towns in NH with hundreds of carved pumpkins to light up when it gets dark. I will say I left before night fall but I did have a great time ‘dressed up’ (something that I don’t normally do, … I don’t think I’ve ever dressed up – in costume) and it was fun finding what I wanted and then making the accoutrements to go with it. I plan on attending the Burlington, Vermont Steampunk Expo in a couple of weeks in which I’ll wear this outfit (hopefully we have cooler temperatures by then 🙂 and I should, by then, have created another. (Just a side note: I left earlier than I’d intended because the event took place in a shadeless field, no tents, no picnic tables, no chairs or anything for anyone to get out of the sun/heat or a place to sit and eat their food. You’d think it wasn’t that hot at the end of October but in the sun, endlessly, all day, it was very hot – and I’m not the only one to note the lack of considerations in this regard. When I went back out to my car three hours later – so many empty spaces where before it was packed). Anyway – I loved my outfit, I had fun dressing up and hanging out with my friend today.


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my ME cruise was a whole ‘nother world


IMG_2480What is writing, if not expressing yourself. Some people like to express themselves with body art: piercings, tattoos, makeup, jewelry and clothes. Some express themselves with pomp: big homes, expensive cars, name brands and name-dropping. Some of us express ourselves with our creativity: woodworking, gardening, sewing, glass-blowing, or painting. Some can only use tweets.

Yesterday I used a quote to begin my post about being brave; it included the advice that being brave is contagious. Creativity is also contagious. I’m more likely to exercise my imagination when I’m around others who do the same or at an exhibit or fair. It’s stimulating to see what other people create whether it’s a thing such as art, clothes, utility items or landscaping.

I have to relay a time that I saw the most expressive group of people in memory. I went on a Melissa Etheridge cruise and I will state here that I am not gay for the purposes of this post. Everyone knows that ME is gay and it’s not a surprise that a lot of her fans are also but not all; there were a very few men on the cruise that were straight, I presume because they were with women – as in partners. Anyway — the environment on that ship was one I’d never experienced before; everyone, it seemed to me, was completely uninhibited to be themselves and I’m not suggesting that they were inebriated. It took me a couple days to realize what I was feeling or noticing subconsciously: we were on a small island where males were not the dominating humans! It was such an awakening; all the women and some gay men were so completely free of the suffocating dominance of straight males that people were happy, dancing, smiling, expressive. There were no fights, shouting, swearing, gestures or any disturbances at all that eminate from the judgmental, angry, dominate factor we have in society. I don’t have the vocabulary to describe the air of freedom and equality on that ship, it was an amazing experience, I wish I could do it justice by description. (and it was not a sex festival with lesbians hanging all over each other all the time. The most I saw was hand-holding and dancing, maybe a few kisses but I’m not stating that people felt free to act on their impulses because there were no men around. Know that) Not only was the emotional environment relaxing but I saw so much individuality: people’s choice of hairstyles, clothes, tattoos, body jewelry not to mention shapes and sizes of people without any outward self-consciousness at all. People could be who they are – as humans.  I enjoyed myself so much with people watching in addition to the almost constant musical entertainment.

So maybe it was only a ‘first’ for me, maybe it’s because I live in New Hampshire, a vanillla state or maybe it’s because I don’t live in a city where there are more ethnicities and diversity in self-expression or maybe it’s because I don’t get out much. It’s probably all the above. It’s probably also because we “other” humans are rarely NOT under the oppressive air of men.

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Share your bravery

Say how you feel, leave the job you hate, stand up for things that matter, don’t settle, don’t apologize for who you are… When you’re brave, you empower others around you to be brave too.

Be Fucking Brave!

combination of quotes found on Google, unknown authors.

I haven’t given the ‘news’ or current events any of my attention since February of this year because it’s toxic with hate and that’s as unhealthy as drinking drano. However, I can’t escape everything that’s in the news – the toxicity is ubiquitous and there is no where I can go (including the Appalachian Trail for weeks on end) and not have the putrifying decay of our culture seep into my consciousness. I usually avoid ‘uncomfortable’ situations – not because I fear them but because I don’t have the wherewithal to endure them, it makes me want to take a nap; wake me when it’s over. The same goes for my blog: I don’t post things that are ‘controversial’ or demoralizing or that can be misconstrued. I’d rather focus on my personal perspectives in a positive way. This doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the blogs or articles, etc. of those who do brave the cultural war of our times, it’s important that those people do what they do ~ someone has to and more power to those who are passionate for a cause and who stand up and say something – or do something, because not everyone is made of the strong stuff that’s needed to stand alone amoung the masses and say what needs to be said.

When you’re brave, you empower others around you to be brave too.

True words.

There’s so much wrong with our culture that most of us are overcome and slip into an apathetic coma. I know I have so I’m not one to preach to anyone about standing up. But, if we don’t stand up then we are handing over our own power to someone else to do with it as they wish – and what they wish may not be how we would have our power used. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to put our energy, our voices, our resources because it seems there are so many ‘deserving’ causes; if I decide to support my local animal shelter, someone criticizes because our veterans need support, etc. If we each chose ONE “cause” that we feel passionate about while simultaneously supporting kindness, compassion, equality and respect with our daily actions, I think all the causes will be covered. We, as individuals, can’t physically, financially and vocally support every issue there is – it’s too exhausting and it will depleate our stamina. That doesn’t mean that each of us only care about one thing and not all the others.

Having said that – that last sentence right ^ there… If we all care about “equality” (for everyone) or if we care about our planet (and all the life-forms it supports) or if we care about having the healthiest people, climate, cultures and world, then we’d be supporting LIFE. Isn’t that what we all want? The best life that we can have? Isn’t that what unites us as human beings? We all want the same thing for ourselves yet we can’t see that it’s what others want for themselves also. And why is having the best life possible treated like it’s a commodity and only some people are entitled to the very thing that’s beneficial to all of us, as a whole?

I think there are more good and brave people than there are bullies and cowards, we just don’t realize it because we make ourselves invisible while trying to avoid the fray. We’re all moved when we see someone stand up to even the smallest observed injustice – it’s not as prolific as ‘bad news’ but it has positive energy and that spreads. Let’s try to spread the antidote to hate, division and injustice – let’s all be a little more brave and show what we stand up for and empower others to do the same.

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Prompt: risky. it’s brief.

Risky, … risky, …. ….  risky.

Nope, nothing comes to mind for risky. I’m not a risk-taker, I don’t do ‘risky’ things – well, I don’t do things that I consider risky. I suppose hiking solo in NH or backpacking the Appalachian Trail solo are considered by many as ‘risky’; I guess quitting my job last April (so I could thru-hike the AT) with no guarantee that I’d find work when I got done could also be considered ‘risky’. I guess “risky” is, like all things, relative to context. No, wait, unprotected sex, regardless of context, is “risky behavior”. 

That’s it. That’s it for my post on risky. Have a great day.

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gratitude ascending like helium balloons


Ascend: go up or climb; rise into the air.

Good or bad, here or there, I feel better when I have a view of the sky and clouds. When I am driving alone on a beautiful day or in an area where I have a wide view of the sky, I like to think (one might say, be in the moment in brief meditation) thoughts of gratitude and positivity – and I like to do this at these particular times (with a wide view of the ‘heavens’) because it feels to me that my thoughts are ascending into the heavens – hopefully “someone” is hearing me.

Daily Prompt: ascend