Jan. 11: this is your life

If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.

Google images: book

Since I don’t remember most of my childhood and much of my young adulthood, reading about me would be valuable as long as it is a third-person, omniscient narrator, i.e. fact-based, not perception. That would be very helpful.

The question is, would I want to know the future? Hmmm, right now that might be helpful too. Here’s the real question: if we knew the future, could we change it by changing our actions now? 

If the book version of my future is less than desirable, I might be motivated to use the information from my past (that I was not previously aware of) and my time now to change things to work out in a more beneficial way. If what the book states is ‘carved in stone’ (*this would have been a good post for today’s Daily Prompt) – well, I’d know what is and I could prepare myself. If my future is ‘bright’, I’d feel so much better right now.

As frightening as it might be, I think I’d want to read it.

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jan. 7: helpless

Helplessness: that dull, sick feeling of not being the one at the reins. When did you last feel like that –- and what did you do about it?

This has been how I’ve been feeling for several weeks now and I deal with it by constantly and I mean, constantly, reminding myself that this to shall pass and there will be good days ahead, that life has ups and downs and it is how we handle them that is important, I keep my mind busy on things, especially positive and inspirational things that don’t allow me to wallow and worry, I journal and I write on my blog and I sometimes just write — pen & paper — to get it out, reframe my thoughts and throw those sheets away, I keep positive quotes where I see them everyday, I take small moments everyday to appreciate what I have, the small things in life that really matter and I change my perspective to a global one, one that looks at the world, humanity and the struggles humans have had throughout history so I can know that I am not alone and that we all struggle and do our best with what we have, it’s a collective journey not just an individual one to a better place.


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Jan. 4: quote me

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

  • Stay committed in your decisions but flexible in your approach
  • If you want something different, you must be willing to try something different
  • Where there is a big disappointment, we don’t know if that’s the end of the story. It may be just the beginning of a great adventure.
  • Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful
  • Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.
  • Be the type of person you want to meet.
  • Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.

I’ve written these down in bold, colorful marker and keep them right near my computer; every time I sit at my desk, several times a day, I read these quotes and feel encouraged.

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December 31: a brand new you, effective tomorrow


Tomorrow is the first day of a brand new year. Tomorrow you get to become anyone in the world that you wish. Who are you? If you decide to stay “you” share your rationale.

Happy (almost) New Year to All!!

It took 54 years but I finally did something ‘extreme’ and followed my heart for once. I’ve posted this before but it’s the last day of 2017 and, well, I’m proud of myself for what I did this year so I’m going to mention it again: I quit my job and hiked the AT – a portion of the AT – for six weeks. It’s the most memorable thing I’ve ever done and the one thing that had the most impact on me and my personal growth. I’ve also started this blog and have kept it going for (almost) one year now. I put myself ‘out-there’ and made a few new friends (which I still have) and I have a new grandchild, a little preemie girl.

I’ve changed in this last year; I’ve challenged myself to dare to leave my uncomfortable comfort zone and, although its tough and it’s not always exactly what I wanted, I’ve learned that it’s okay. I will now and forever not just go along to get along but I will open another door, take another step in an unknown and scary direction if I feel I am not growing, learning or becoming happy. I still have to redirect the voices in my head that focus on the ‘oh no, what ifs’ and change the mantra to ‘what if everything is better than I expected?’, I still read little positive quotes everyday to push away the gray, and I still sometimes doubt but I have learned to leave the worry because I can only do the best I can do and that’s good enough.

After all this, all these years being myself, all that I have accomplished on my own, all that I have learned about me, all the troubles I’ve endured and all the growth I’ve had, I feel that I have finally ‘made it,’ I’ve finally become comfortable with who I am and I’ve decided that, despite what other people think or feel, I am one helluva unique person. I like being me and I wouldn’t want to be anyone else — not even if I was paid for it. There is no guarantee that someone’s life is better than mine even if it looks like it is. I’m accustomed to my faults and failings and I don’t need to cast them aside and start all over with someone else’s problems — and everyone has them.

I’m not a New Year’s Eve celebrator but there is something about opening that brand new calendar (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) to a fresh new month and year – I like it.

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Daily Prompt: finally

December 28: the new school

You get to redesign school as we know it from the ground up. Will you do away with reading, writing, and arithmetic? What skills and knowledge will your school focus on imparting to young minds?

I liked school, still do – wish I could go. I think more children would like school and learn more if it was less ‘structured’ and more natural. I’ve read that learning comes more naturally & easily when the ‘outdoors’ is utilized more, either having outdoor classes more often or having a lot more exposure to the outdoors, for example more and larger windows.

Also, more ‘hands on’ experience and drawing attention to the relationship between what is being taught and how that is relative to everyday life. Exposure to what the world has to offer – when learning about science, history, math, reading – broadens the mind, the imagination. Which is something else we don’t or aren’t focusing on: imagination. Relating how imagination ignited all we have such as electricity and telephones is stimulating and informative.

I’m not a teacher so I know not what I speak but lack of stimulation, imagination and practical application is not helping.

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December 27: you’re a winner!


You’ve just won $1 billion dollars in the local lottery. You do not have to pay tax on your winnings. How will you spend the money?

Who in the 99% hasn’t thought of this?

$1billion is a little excessive but I’d take it.

  1. safe box the ticket with a newpaper clipping of winning numbers/date.
  2. tell no one.
  3. contact my lawyer & financial adviser and decide eventually how to claim the prize with anonymity in a state that requires publication (and with a billion dollars, I’m sure that can be done!) then make adjustments to my will&testament.
  4. when I’m able, pay off all remaining debt…
  5. sell my property and buy a truck and ‘camper’/tiny house…
  6. pack up my fewer possessions  in the ‘house’/truck and start driving!
  7. spend any and all the necessary time needed thinking about what I want to do and where I’d like to go before I do anything else.

Many of us have given a lot of thought fantasizing about what we’d do if we won but none of us, who haven’t yet won, know what we’d do and many times what we’d do might change as circumstances change.

With financial security, I’d be free to invest in myself. I might travel to Arizona, for example, to a retreat and do yoga and meditation and get myself grounded, centered and more healthy; eat better, get more exercise. I wouldn’t be in any hurry to DO anything – I’d want to improve myself physically and mentally and open my mind and creative process to think about how to continue to live my best life as unencumbered as possible.

What I am certain of is this: I’d want to travel and I’d want to help people – somehow. I would like to think of ways of being a philanthropist and business person in a way that would be creative, stimulating, enjoyable and sustainable and help people help themselves. With a billion dollars, even though most wealthy people greedily keep as much money to themselves as they can, I probably couldn’t spend a billion dollars in my lifetime so I want to find responsible ways to invest in other people.

I’d undoubtedly help my friends and relatives but not in excess: that doesn’t help anyone.

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December 26: moment of clarity

Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air & remind yourself of who you are & who you want to be.

Tell us about a time you’d been trying to solve a knotty problem — maybe it was an interpersonal problem, a life problem, a big ol’ problem — and you had a moment of clarity when the solution appeared to you, as though you were struck by lightening.

I’m sure there’s been times when I’ve had the “Aha!” moment, the conundrum and the sudden spark of light with a solution. I think everyone has. But I’m going to briefly revisit  my trail experience and just say that walking through the woods, fields, towns, swamps, mountains, hour after hour, day after day alone with my thoughts/feelings and the sounds of nature (which is mostly silence), all life’s problems were filtered and boiled down to the essence of what life is: me, my healthy connections/relationships with people (and animals) and how I use my energy while I have it.

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December 24: the best day ever

You get to enjoy the best day ever — describe in detail what that means to you. Where are you? What will you do? What’s the weather like? What will you eat? Who will you see?

The saying goes, you are only limited by your imagination. Imagination is how so much of what we have came about – someone imagined it and then worked to bring it to fruition: electricity, cars, airplanes, tiny, hand-held computers that are also phones and cameras. I am thankful for all those that have come before me and have had such wonderfully creative minds.

I, on the other hand, have a very limited imagination. I don’t know if this has always been or if I’ve just had creativity ‘beaten’ out of me by adult duties and fear. My ‘imagination’ always circles closely to my experiences: what I’ve already done, heard, seen or someone planted in my head. My ‘best day ever’ will be part reality (what I enjoy) and part ‘fantasy’ (what I’d like) – but I suppose that’s the question anyway.

So, I think the first thing I’d like to do on my best day is wake up “early” – whatever that is for me that day, and go for a nice, refreshing walk – nothing that will make me sweat (I hate that) but just a nice way to wake up to the day, express some gratitude maybe a silent prayer. I’d have my dogs and I wouldn’t have to use a leash and they wouldn’t piss me off either – because it’s my perfect best day.


Then I’d (miraculously) arrive at some of the world’s “mysterious places” (real or imagined, I don’t care) and have ceaseless time to explore some of these awesome places. I don’t know all of them or where they are (or even if they are all ‘real’ or photoshopped) but I got them all from google.images:mysterious places.


Then…sometime late afternoonn enjoy some cheese, crackers, salami and maybe shrimp cocktail on this balcony:
Then retreat to this nice, quiet place for dinner (something seafood) and a sauna with some wine…
images-27  and then sleep in one of these pods in winter under a clear sky with a meteor shower or northern lights (I think this is Denmark or Switzerland or somewhere – maybe Iceland)
This would all be great with some very fun friends (if I had any fun friends that would want to do this) but I’d be fine by myself too.
The weather would be perfect – mid-seventies with a breeze.

December 23: the guilt that haunts me

…”haunts me”… not.

I found this “kindness rocks” on a trail…made me chuckle – the irony.

Share a time when you were overcome with guilt. What were the circumstances? How did you overcome you guilt?


I was in a small, independently owned market and I saw a small, lone dog bone just sitting randomly on a counter. It was one of the bones that are displayed at the front register, ‘natural’ and sold individually for about seventy cents, and I normally get one for each of my dogs when I go into the store. I assumed that someone had intended to buy it but then just left it somewhere. I don’t know why or what possessed me to slip it into my pocket; I certainly didn’t need it and I had the money to buy one. It was completely spontaneous and totally out of character for me to steal it.

Anyway…I went home ravaged with guilt and a video playing in my head for the rest of the day of all the different versions of ‘being caught’. I tried to “rationalize” my theft by telling myself, “it’s no big deal, only change, no one will notice or care,” but I just kept seeing the face of the owner or register worker the next time I went in, glaring at me because they’d watched the video tape and now knew what I’d done. I told myself it was silly to even think that, they’d not watch a video unless they’d been robbed or some other “real” incident took place and even if the employee had somehow realized they were a bone short, by the time I’d go in again – and I’d make sure it wasn’t for months – they would not remember. It was completely unrealistic and amplified scenarios but I couldn’t shake the guilt. Then I had a nightmare that night about it.

The next day I went to the store, I placed an item and TWO dog bones on the counter and purchase it all. Then surreptitiously I replaced one bone back into the display and left. I felt so much better and never thought of it again…not even when I returned, as a usual costomer…completely forgotten until I saw this prompt. I, thankfully, don’t feel any guilt.

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December 12: daring do

Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

I’m a respiratory therapist by profession so having “rescued” someone – many someones – over my professional life is innumerable. The article in the hyperlink I’ve provided I think is more useful to the general public than any story I can tell about saving someone’s life because it’s an example of true power and it’s a power that many have and can use to benefit many people each day.

I responded once to a prompt about being a ‘hero’ or maybe it was a comment I left on someone’s post, I don’t remember but the gist of my point was that there are everyday ‘heros’ that never receive any pat on the back, and adulation, any ‘reward’ for saving someone’s life or, sometimes, from keeping them from falling into despair and taking their own life.

I’m a cheerleader for the underdog, the people who make differences each day in the life or lives of other people and they themselves don’t even know the effect they have on someone’s life or future. I try to remember that as I go about my own life out in public, I try to think that things are not always how they appear on the outside, at a glance, to those of use busy with our own lives and our inner dialogues.

Somedays I feel my loneliness more than other days. I found the following ‘article’ very positive and it reinforced my belief/hope that there are truly good people out there and there are people just searching for a connection to another human being so we don’t feel so alone in an overcrowded, busy world. In theory, people are energy and that energy can be combined (synergy) to make changes in our world; the more people put their energy and effort into doing good, the more that positive energy will spread and, thus, more good will be done. Perhaps we live in a time, a ‘tipping point’ in time, if we all focus on doing more for each other.

Never underestimate the power you hold as ONE PERSON to save the life of another.

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Daily Prompt: theory