Open your heart & let your light shine


#FOWC: allegory


For anyone who missed it: the title is my allegorical reference but…I want to mention that the book the Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck was the first ‘real’ piece of literature that I can remember reading and when the teacher was dissecting the allegory, I was lost. I should read that again.


#JusJoJan. 1

Text to mother and sis:

Happy New and Improved 2020!!

Today I’m going to (not in any particular order):
Do laundry
Do more laundry
Shovel more
Go through my mail
Possibly pay some bills
Sit in tub and soak up some sunshine
Shovel more
Get groceries
Put away laundry
Finish washing bathroom floor (it’s soaking in bleach right now)
Walk the dogs
Maybe vacuum
Visit the kids
Make food for work Thursday-Friday

….okay so not much of an improvement yet but it’s a start.

….and One-Liner-Wednesday …

combo…I don’t usually participate in OLW b/c it doesn’t appeal to me but it’s JusJoJan day one and I want to start.


nf-badge-1linerweds-2017 #1linerWeds

My 5-year old grandson was becoming grouchy after a visit at the hospital and I told him he should take a nap on the one-hour drive home (which he always does anyway) and he said he was not. Thirty minutes into the return drive home, except for the sound of rain and windshield-wipers, there is only silence. I quietly ask, “are you taking a nap?” I hear “yes”.