Life: ye olde grind

The “It’s always something” quandary has taken up residence in my life. Actually, I think I’m almost – almost – … More

#FPQ 25

“Where do you believe you were you before you were born and what do you believe will happen to you … More

the loneliness factor

This is going to sound like self-pity but it isn’t…it’s just wondering “out loud/on the computer” about this niggling factor … More

murder on the AT

Ronnie Sanchez Jr., veteran of three Iraq tours, was stabbed and killed on the Appalachian Trail May 11, 2019. I … More

#SoCS: adverb

Regretfully I am writing this from work…what I fondly refer to as “the hellhole.” First some catching up and I … More

catch up

I can’t remember when I last wrote; I don’t usually go back and look at anything for any reason, so … More

spiraling down

I’m glad I have an oncology appt Tuesday because I’ve been experiencing highly unusual emotions: spiraling depression to melt-downs and … More

#FPQ: #21

“Do you think America is ready for an openly gay person to be elected to the office of President of … More

#A2Z: Z

Zikes! Does anyone know what this plant may be? I am going to keep watching it through the summer to … More