#SoCS: fuzzy face

ColbySo, it’s another Saturday and this week I am not at work. I haven’t been on WP as much; I’m preoccupied, I guess. This morning I thought I’d check to see what’s happening in Bloglandia and saw the SoSC from Linda G. Hill posted: what ever is beside you when reading the  prompt. See this little cute, hairy (yes, hair) face? My little boy, Colby. Every morning that I am home and I sit on the couch he needs his cuddle time. The poor pups, they need a hair cut and the groomer is closed and my clippers don’t work well on their hair. I’m not sure why but I’m going to try again today or tomorrow. It’s sunny outside right now; the forecast said cloudy and possibly rain on ALL of my days off this week so I took advantage of it and walked the kids early, got to the grocery store to get some supplies (Surprise!…TP was on the shelves; not much though and a sign “one per customer” – dip shits should have thought of that two weeks ago when everyone was worried about what to wipe their asses with), dropped a few things off at my daughter’s house – on her porch, texted to say I left it. This weekend we decided that I should keep my distance from now on as I’m constantly involved with sick people (respiratory people) at work and, although I’ve been foresighted and fortunate so far, best not to take chances. My daughter and her husband are no longer working so I told them if they wanted to do some cleaning and yard work, I’d pay them. My daughter cleaned my bathroom (thoroughly) and my porch (which is my summer living room) and my sheets and made my bed while I was away. I don’t mind housecleaning but if I don’t have to spend my time off doing it, and pay her, works for everyone. So, while walking in the sunshine along the river this morning I gave some thought to what I will do this weekend instead of reading and otherwise wasting time. I got a much needed delay (something good always comes from something bad) in filing my taxes as I am sure I will have to pay some and I am dry of funds right now. Monday I will call the city to see if I can delay payment on my quarterly property taxes as well. I have ALWAYS paid on time so this will be a first. I start my new shifts this week; since we are short a night staff person, I proposed a mock schedule and the boss liked it…a lot. I am now going to work: one 12 hour shift per week (flipping a day then a night) and one 24 hour shift per week. My weekends will be Saturday day shift then Sunday 24 hr. shift. Thursdays will flip between day or night each week. I’m not exactly crazy about this arrangement but it fills all the holes without OT (which my boss likes) and it minimizes HIS hours per week so instead of five days, he works three…he loves that. Hopefully it’s temporary and hopefully NH won’t get an uncontrollable surge as other places have experienced. If we do, all our staff will be working at the biggest hospital nearby taking care of vent patients. I’m not looking forward to it BUT, if it happens, I will use it as a learning experience and hope something good comes from it. Meanwhile…in anticipation of this happening, I have work around my home to do and I have financial/paperwork stuff to gather in the event that …well, just incase. Hang in there fellow bloggers and, as always, stay safe!

Author: KC

I am a cautiously optimistic skeptic, snow-loving, mid-aged dog & nature lover, thinker & writer-of-deep-thoughts or quick, quirky mind-wonderings, tiny-home-dreamer, book-devouring loner.

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