#FOWC: treatment/healthcare

Fandango’s been on a roll lately what with all his questions and one-word prompts. Today the #FOWC is ‘treatment’ which follows the heals 😉 heels of his question prompt I can across just yesterday (but posted a few months ago) about healthcare. And THAT prompt elicited a bevy of comments, one being that if “free healthcare” exists for everyone, people would take advantage; as in be greedy because people love free stuff (my words). There was a comment or two in rebuttal that is much better written, coherent & more informed, than anything that I can put together but I do have an opinion. I work in “healthcare” and I’m not saying that makes me more informed about how the industry works, where the money goes and what we should/could do to make it better. I am just one person who spends days every week in a hospital setting with real patients (not TV) and have done so for over two decades. Based on the aforementioned I think I can say that most people who will ‘take advantage’ of “free healthcare” will be people who need to see a doctor, a dentist or need medication or physical therapy or – the best reason yet – mental healthcare. I don’t see a lot of people lining up at the local doc-in-a-box or hospital for ‘free stuff’ in the way of medical attention. Most people have better and more interesting things to do in their lives besides hanging out in a waiting room to then be relocated to yet another room to do some more waiting, have needles inserted into them, have to give stool or urine specimens or asked the same questions a million times by various staff.

Are there some people who will “needlessly” visit the ER or clinic? Why, yes, there will be: they already exists. They are flagged for multiple (questionably unnecessary) visits and, now with the ever widening electronic charting between facilities, their negative impact upon the facility, staff, time, etc. is minimized. There are answers or solutions for the outlier in every situation if people/organizations are willing to face the problem, determine the origin and then solve the problem. Some people repeatedly visit ER or clinics because they are homeless and/or hungry and want warmth and food. Some people (usually elderly/shut-ins) are lonely and ‘act out’ of frustration or fear of loneliness. Some people revisit the ER/clinics because they are underinsured or have no insurance and don’t have the options that we, the entitled, do have. There are scenarios ad nauseam of why people – seemingly – go to ERs or clinics when the rest of us believes it inappropriate but I’m not going to list them.

If people had available physical/dental healthcare and mental healthcare and would be able to receive appropriate treatment appropriately they would then not be the burden on society that so many fear (and resent) already. And for those that think some people will be greedy about ‘free’ healthcare, having worked in a ‘soup kitchen’ I can attest that even there people are ‘prevented from abusing the system’. Stop being led by the fear-factor of what some people might do and think, for a change, of how we’d all benefit.

For anyone interested in a little light reading, here is a link I got from another blogger’s comment (https://www.congress.gov/116/bills/s1129/BILLS-116s1129is.pdf). I have not read it …yet, don’t know how much I will read but it is relevant information about one healthcare plan proposed by one candidate.

#FOWC: treatment

Author: KC

I am a cautiously optimistic skeptic, snow-loving, mid-aged dog & nature lover, thinker & writer-of-deep-thoughts or quick, quirky mind-wonderings, tiny-home-dreamer, book-devouring loner.

6 thoughts on “#FOWC: treatment/healthcare”

  1. I agree with you. I used to teach in an economically disadvantaged area, in a clinical day treatment center. Those families were mostly without healthcare and were often pushed from one place to the next, seemingly until they gave up. I think societal problems could be decreased if everyone that hates “looking weak” or being questioned, can go to the doctor as if it were a normal thing when they don’t feel well. That being said, in college I volunteered at a Mental Hospital. When that shut down all of the patients were kindly “kicked out”. They didn’t have family and most likely no friends. They had criminal records and were not prepared to function in a normal society. With all of the closures you now see the mentally ill wandering the streets and now people complain that “they” are making society negative. Well if “they” had somewhere safe to go, don’t you think they’d rather be there than wandering a city street being given dirty looks?
    Oh my, I can go on and on…..I won’t! Hahaha!

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    1. We love to marginalize people who are not like us and then we like to victimize them over again. I can’t understand why ‘we’ are so hateful to each other. Thanks for reading and your comment.


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