the worst animal noise

My SoCS from Linda G. Hill is going to start with me whining about my arm (I’m an animal > mammal), it’s the left one, the one that had some nodes removed. I’ve been experiencing increasing ‘discomfort’ in the form of throbbing…left side of my chest, through the armpit, and down the arm – today, down toward my wrist. I know this is due to the missing lymph nodes and, probably, some lymphedema is going on…ugh. Everyday…and sometimes throughout the day, I do the lymph-massage to alleviate/prevent this from happening but I seem to notice it more on work days. Not sure why that is; I’m more busy at work so I would think the working muscles (be what they are) would make those days less prone to the ache. I do have a “sleeve” that I stopped wearing, with MD permission – or more like, she told me to stop because I told her that I’d been wearing it predominately at work and those were the worst days. Now, sleeveless makes no difference. I have an early March appointment so I’ll bring it up..and I’m sure I’ll have to make a PT appointment to measure my arms. Again…ugh.

Other animal noises are my dogs barking when they have done their business and don’t want to wait in the single-digit numbered temperature to come back in. Oh, and geese flying over…I don’t know why but I love them…to hear them “HONK” and I run outside to see if I can see them pass over in their tell-tale V. I always feel bad for stragglers and those tiny flocks with only, like, five geese.

And morning birds…particularly in the summer – dang they are loud, especially when I don’t want to be woke early. Otherwise, I do like all their ‘peeping’ when they come to the feeder.

Squirrels! They used to annoy me chattering away while I tried to peacefully lounge in my tub. I had – HAD – so many oak trees that I must have had dozens and dozens gathered in my back yard. I had many trees cut down (not because of the pesky, noisy squirrels) and now it’s much quieter…they still chatter but it’s not deafening.

The other animal noises that I really don’t like are mammals that push lawn mowers, snow-blowers, leaf-blowers, horn-blowers and shouting into their phones as they pass by my house. I don’t like the incessant sounds of cars and trucks either.

Of all the animal noises noted above, humans are the loudest and most obnoxious animals on the planet. The noise we create, not unlike everything else we create, is appropriately called “pollution”.

Author: KC

I am a cautiously optimistic skeptic, snow-loving, mid-aged dog & nature lover, thinker & writer-of-deep-thoughts or quick, quirky mind-wonderings, tiny-home-dreamer, book-devouring loner.

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