This post is brought to you by: I tripped over a stone

Don’t think, just answer!

  1. Why do you think friends are important? Anecdotal evidence has proven that ‘friends’ or a support network is invaluable to mental health, physical wellbeing and social skills. A group of people with whom we feel safe sharing our lives: concerns, problems, common hobbies, raising children, sharing meals, enjoying entertainment, etc. is what makes us more well-rounded and whole…and life is less stressful.
  2. What realistic advice do you give someone you care about when times are tough for them? From personal experience: Everything is relative, Each day presents new possibilities, Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow, Mind over matter – people have suffered horrendously and with the right attitude have prevailed and succeeded.
  3. What are Sundays like at your house? Quiet.


  1. Hi KC! I love this idea! Make it a blog post. Everyone is welcome. I ask three ‘Sunday Quick Questions’ every week. We are on week 43. I so enjoy reading everyone’s answers. Yours are brilliant! The friends, the advise, and Sunday’s – quiet, yes! ~Kim😊

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  2. I answered it, too. 🙂

    1. Because no one wants to have to move a hot tub alone.

    2. “Drink beer, my friend. Lots of beer.”*

    3. I wake early, before the sun, and pour a long, dark cup of coffee. Then, I check in on my social media (including WP). After 3 or 4 hot cups of java I take the boys out, scoop some poop, and then hit the shower. Off to church. I sit with friends at church, drink lots of beer, and talk about moving hot tubs. After a bit we go our separate ways. If it is, then, the fall or early winter I watch the Rams play while Mrs C makes us lunch and the dogs (a) dance with me as the Rams win, or (b) hide from me because I am screaming at the picture box. Then I get some chores done. If it is not fall or early winter I go immediately to the chores and get more of them done than I do in the fall or early winter. For dinner one or both of us make enough to have leftovers for a few days because no one wants to cook on Monday.

    *I’m not one to give advice, though I used to be that guy. In fact, when I was young, everyone came to me for advice because I was wise. No one ever took my advice, though, so I started saying “this is what you should do to correct this and feel better but you’re going to do this instead because you’re human and no one who gets themselves into these messes really wants to get out of them.” Over time, people stopped asking me for advice so now I just say “Drink beer, my friend. Lots of beer,” and it works. 🙂

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    1. I love all your answers (especially the second one) and, you are right, people don’t like to take the advice that they ask for…I think it’s pride. Thanks for hanging out here for a while 🙂

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