#FPQ: the good life

#FPQ #52:

What does living “the good life” mean to you? Do you think that you’re living “the good life”?

I missed this one. I scrolled through my posts and noticed that I’d returned to a more regular posting schedule after December 11, 2019 when Fandango asked this question but I’m going to write an answer anyway.

I think my version of “the good life” isn’t unlike many other peoples versions despite my more edited and pragmatic version of late. I too visualize a life of leisure with financial security and satisfying ‘work’ that is on my terms, a home that is complete and suits my lifestyle and sense of aesthetics, freedom to travel and widen my horizons and education. It’s always sunny and I’m perfectly healthy and my family is happy and nothing bad ever happens and I am completely satisfied with myself and I enjoy a loyal and intimate small group of friends for the occasional times I want to be social. Nothing too much, too excessive. I don’t want a mansion or a walk-in wardrobe. I just want to be completely free to LIVE a rich and interesting life.

Okay…fantasy over.

What the “good life” really is: the ability to be grateful for what I have, what I can do and who is in my life; to keep it modest, affordable, functioning with minimal upsets; to stay out of the fray, off the radar and under control; to have the wisdom to know that this one life is it, to appreciate my limitations and not envy what I don’t have and probably never will and not feel regret or jealousy or sadness at what I think I lack or what I could have been if only…to be satisfied with the simple pleasures in life and always have some hope for the future despite how things seem right now; to be my most authentic and best self despite what I think other’s think and even sometimes what I think of myself. To know that happiness is a state of mind, not circumstances.

Author: KC

I am a cautiously optimistic skeptic, snow-loving, mid-aged dog & nature lover, thinker & writer-of-deep-thoughts or quick, quirky mind-wonderings, tiny-home-dreamer, book-devouring loner.

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