I should be home…

It’s Sunday and I should be at home spending a portion of my day cleaning my driveway off after last night’s storm – the snow, although about 4-5 inches, is light and fluffy and would be easily shoveled (in the sunshine, no less, and my driveway would be down to the asphalt), however, I won’t be home until after nine-pm. See, no good deed goes unpunished (I’m filling in for someone today) because by tonight the snow will have slushed down some at the asphalt surface and then will become dense, heavy and it’s less likely that I will either shovel or remove it all if I do, especially after driving over it to get into my garage.

Tomorrow is my designated baby-sitting day for my two-year-old granddaughter. It’s a whole day which, for this aging woman, is a long time to entertain a toddler. I may bring her from home to my house with her outdoor clothes so she can entertain herself in my yard whilst I slave over the driveway and possibly get some household chores done as well. I may get her to say ‘vacuum.’

“Pea” (we call her) is starting to speak more “words” now that she’s had several months with a speech therapist so when she strings her words together it’s all gobbledygook to me – but it’s funny to watch her roll her tongue around in her mouth to try to say words such as ‘spaghetti’ or “I love you.” And she still has that adorable ‘baby voice’ that I love.

Meanwhile, it’s a weekend at work and, although it’s been busy with cold & flu, the atmosphere right now is very, very accommodating for me to use my laptop. 🙂

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