meet a few of my friends.

I’m only writing this because, it seems, everyone else is writing a ‘year-end-post’: Suze wrote about crap; enticing Suze. Tom wrote a comprehensive and optimistic post here.  I loved this year-in-pictures wrap up; great idea ‘willowdot’! Another place I love to visit -in pictures- is Switzerland. A succinct post about growth here, and my always considerate, Good Samaritan wrote a wonderfully thoughtful toast at Superman’s place (the phonebooth). And I never miss reading Fandango and his various prompts such as this one  or John Holton here. Linda always loves to get things moving with her various prompts such as a New Just-Jot-It-January challenge. I love the poetry of this talented lady and this inspirational lady has some wonderful stories.

I’m not sheople unless the grass is greener over there but I wanted to join it and I thought I’d bring along some friends. Check out their places, if you haven’t already, and Happy 2020 everyone!

The Ending


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