no such thing as paltry change

Paltry is a word I am having trouble using (today) lately because I am endeavoring to increase myself, grow, become more than I already am by being more aware, using more positive speech (in my self-talk and to others), being more grateful and open to new experiences whenever those might arrive.

I just finished a #supersoulsunday with Shonda Rhimes who has a memoir out, Year of Yes, about saying “yes” to everything that she would normally say “no” to out of fear, discomfort, etc. I feel that is where I have been on my life’s journey in the last couple of years without actually defining it as “saying yes.” For me it’s been more of avoiding all negative things: news, people, situations, self-talk, (bad) food, judging, etc. And only watching, listening to, being around positive things and people. It has really helped…it’s actually made me a bit of a “motivational junkie” in that EVERY DAY I listen to some book or interview or TEDtalk …something positive for my mind to focus on so I don’t go off in the gray.

I have listened to Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass about three times now (plus I have the paperback that I refer to) and she has recommended other books/talks which I have subsequently added to my list of positive stuff. The latest is Louise L. Hay, You Can Heal Your Life, which I just started about 2:00 a.m. this morning.

Someone said, “you have to be the change that you want to see” ~ or something like that and changing, no, wanting to change and deciding to change is no paltry step when one is middle-aged but it’s an important step now that I’ve realized that my life isn’t going to change for the better or I won’t be ‘happy’ unless I make changes that will bring happiness into my life like being grateful for three things every day…and they can’t be broad like “I’m grateful to be alive.” Every ‘change’ leads to greater things; there is no such thing as ‘small (paltry) change’ because it’s the foundation to build other changes on.

This morning I went on a “two-hour” hike with a couple of friends I haven’t seen in about a year ~ it turned into a three-hour hike and my legs were whooped but it felt so good to be out early this morning (I almost didn’t go), blue sky, sunshine, crunchy snow, dogs all happy and running with their little furry friends! You can believe I stopped at one place in the woods that was beautiful and said my “THANKS!” right then for the experience that I was having and I enjoyed every lost and tiring minute of it.

While watching the interview with Rhimes I said (to the Universe), I’ll say ‘yes’ to any opportunity that comes my way that I might normally respond with ‘no’, and ~ according to Rhimes and others, when you invite the Universe to a challenge, it comes. We’ll see and I’ll let you know.




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