last (pile) of mail

I am not sure of the last piece of mail I received because, if it’s not one of three utility bills I receive monthly, it goes into a pile (which I included a photo of in this post) and I pay it no mind…for now. Right now I have given up for the umpteenth time doing my taxes…the wealthy fucks-in-office have created more havoc with ‘tax-fun’ and I’m prompted to answer questions I’ve never encountered before and to which I don’t know the answers – and it’s Saturday so there’s no one to call at the bank, etc. I swear to Christ they make it so hard just to keep all those people who do taxes professionally employed in addition to making it harder to understand whether I should be getting money back or not! I hate those fuckers! I can’t tell you how much I really enjoyed the opening premise of the serial Designated Survivor ~ I wish!! Anyway…I was thinking of mixing a drink but that only makes me want to nap and it’s too early for that.

Signing off for now…


 #SoCS: last piece of mailstream-of-consciousness-saturday-2018-19



    1. You know what Grace? I need to just CHANGED my habits and learn about financial things, keep records of stuff I’m likely to use and get my shit in gear before March. It’s all on me. Well, except what’s on those greedy bastards in Washington!

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