I had to wait for the breeze to stop blowing to get a shot of this but it was gorgeous while the breeze was making it billow out and ripple without losing one dew drop! It’s one of nature’s miracles and elegant beauty. It’s a small thing; most of us on most days would walk right by without even noticing. It had a smaller sibling near it…image_55691314101056.jpg


I like to get out early in the morning,..before other people mar the day. I use the time to think, ponder, meditate and try to start my day on a positive note with my pups and nature. I saw these webs and thought of that expression, “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive.” Walter Scott.

Have you ever noticed or thought about how each of our lives, although they may look suspiciously the same or very similar to the lives of ‘everyone else,’ are so very unique? We’ve each woven our own web of a life with each decision, each thought and action or reaction, each smile or thoughtless, cruel word, or show of kindness – each choice we’ve made builds upon the next opportunity and choice, and so on and so on each and everyday of our lives.

The quote above was referring to the mess that lying leads to, one lie built atop another lie but I am not referring to lying or deception – just to each choice we make in life leads to another choice, each action spurs a reaction. If we think, “How’d I get here?”, it’s much more complicated than we might initially think.

From where I’m standing today, I’d like to think I will pay more attention to future decisions, actions and words but life moves swiftly sometimes and we can’t anticipate the entire outcome of this choice or that one. I thought I was making “the right choice” in my surgeon but I’m (It appears right now) being dropped and I am now scrambling to find another – which will postpone my surgery (a.k.a. cancer removal) date. I have been taking this all pretty well up to this point. Now I am trying to ‘stay positive’, trying to ‘keep my faith’, attempting to ‘not worry about what I can’t control’ and keep my focus on each day’s activities and obligations but…sometimes I’m a little overwhelmed emotionally and I feel like ‘letting nature take its course’ and just trying to live each day as best I can. I won’t give up…that doesn’t feel ‘natural’ at all. I’ll, instead, think, “this will all turn out better than I imagined…and it probably will…In the long run.

 I just noticed the small print at the bottom of this tag.







  1. Sending you healing energy. Not sure if I can say anymore that would be of any help. Cancer is a cruel master and even if it is more “curable” now than 35 years ago when my mother went through treatment it is still overwhelming. Hope you have many caring people around you. Will light a candle for you 🕯

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    1. Thank you. You know, it’s not the diagnosis so much as all the hassle and waiting etc …I feel like those cells are just multiplying and moving through my system while I’m dealing with all the “paperwork”…that’s what’s frustrating.

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      1. The hurry up and wait game is no fun! I am sorry you are having to deal with that on top of everything else. Keep reminding yourself of all the challenges that you have faced and come out on top of, and soon this will be another. Hugs Karyn

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      2. Thank you Grace. I tell myself that this will all work out and soon be in the past but emotionally it’s exhausting. The unknown causes fear, maybe unnecessary fear, but it’s still there. You can’t unfeel.

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