Call me crazy but I think meditation is (or should be) a ‘bodily function’. In our frenetic world full of noise pollution and attention/plugged-in addiction, our individual & collective mental stability has been compromised, breached and betrayed. I have yet to hear/read via ‘main-stream’ media (of any kind) the relationship between our cultural obsession with constant busyness and the, seemingly, more frequent occurrences of ‘mental illness’ and the subsequent consequences that have permeated our daily lives. Personally, I believe the overloaded brain with all this outside stimulation – not to mention our own constant dialogues in our head – is really no different than sleep-deprivation torture. No wonder we have become judgmental, intolerant, quick tempered seething masses of flesh and bone. We don’t make the time – preferably multiple times a day – for peace and quiet; not just an atmosphere of quiet but learning how to quiet our minds: disregard our brains while they masticate all the input and file it, stop believing everything we think, stop reacting to others as if what they say and do is about us (fyi: it’s about them). And for everyone that says they can’t quiet their mind: stop trying – you are making work out of ‘nothing’. Allow the thought then push it aside by repeating a mantra, visualization (a dream place) or just focusing on listening to sounds around you without making a correlation to that sound. Repeatedly doing the exercise, like everything else we do, makes it easier the next time, and so on. The benefits outweigh any ‘inconvenience’ and soon it will become a habit…like other bodily functions.

Linda G. Hill: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bodily function.” Decide on one or write about a whole bunch of bodily functions. Bonus inspiration: here’s a website. Enjoy!

#SoCS: ‘bodily function’




    1. I haven’t given any of MY attention to any media except positive podcasts & reading and it’s made a huge difference in reducing anxiety and depression. I’m more grounded.
      Thank you for your attention and time.


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