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YEAH! I’mnotdoneyet.

SO…I was driving home last night in the rainy-darkness when I can’t see for shit and I was listening to a podcast which I usually avoid doing when I’m not on Wi-Fi ‘cuz of the ‘data usage’ but I wanted to keep flying high in my head with some good conversation and I don’t usually listen much anymore to 1A on NPR ‘cuz I’ve been avoiding politics and, in general, stuff that pisses me off but 1A has some good topics and I like Joshua Johnson as a host he knows his stuff and conversations are usually lively and I needed that but anyway….

I listened to Excellence, Explained with Tom Peters; I still have no idea who this guy is but he is a dynamic speaker/interviewee and, apparently, writer and all-around-good-guy. The program got me all whipped up again about ‘work’ and, not that I’ve changed my mind/plans as noted in this post but it did clarify for me why I have such a nagging problem with my situation; what I don’t like about my job — more specifically my place of employment.

I’m an idealist. I am also pragmatic. Can those two exist simultaneously? It just rubs me raw that people are no longer what is important in our society; not communities, families, work places, schools, government, etc. I can’t recount the show contents, not even what the subject really was ~ I seriously need to listen to it again (not being able to see the road clearly while going 65 mph in traffic, in the dark with road-spray on my windshield to-boot probably made me a little distracted) but it was inspirational. What it boiled down to for me and my ‘predicament’ is that I, not unlike millions of people, am not an important part of the mega-billion-dollar company as a human being with a life and a family. I’m a number, a cog in the machine as are, truth-be-told, the patients. That’s what bothers me. It isn’t ‘the work,’ the hours, the mundane, sad, dirty details. It is the lack of genuine appreciation, loyalty, and recompensatory value (is that a thing?) of employees.

But that is everywhere. Right?

I think I’m going to look this Tom Peters guy up, check out his book and see how I can find me a job with a company that gives a shit.

Now I’m done.

~ 07:16 4/7/18 ♈︎



    1. I like to think that way too. I don’t think it’s all the same. I had thought I landed in Utopia until I spend some time there. It’s okay. I’ve adjusted my attitude now and I’m all good.
      Thanks Steve!

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