invisible photography

Laura Williams (photographer) from PictureCorrect

Sometimes when I read the Daily Prompt I’m at a loss for words; writer’s block. Some prompts just prompt emptiness – like space, which is good if you want to get the thoughts, voices, images out of your head. At those times, I just go straight to the place with ideas: Google. I wondered what would pop up if I typed “invisible images” in the window.  Surprisingly there wasn’t pages and pages of Google suggestions; just one page and at the bottom, where they give you other suggested searches, was “invisible image photography.” So I clicked on it.

What pops up first is naturally the images of photography and searching through those I found a couple I liked. I have provided the links to the web site that features the information about the photo and the photographer. Both are very interesting but the invisible bird flight patterns photos by Xavi Bou *below* are stunning and are featured in a blog (linked). I recommend anyone go to this web-page and see the other invisible flight pattern photos.

 Photographer Xavi Bou, bird flight patterns, from OpenheartedRebel blog

My other thought about the prompt was more pedestrian: the ability to be invisible. Who hasn’t thought of that?

Daily Prompt: invisible



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