boring update


I apologize right here. I don’t have much to say so I am just going to write a meandering stream of consciousness post. I was so tired after my first three days at work that Friday, day off, I was a zombie; I took two naps, a dog walk and otherwise did nothing all day. It isn’t that work is “hard,” its that two days of orientation and another day of computer modules and shadowing someone around the building is just mentally exhausting. Saturday was another walk but short, I just wasn’t feeling it and the rest of the day was spent reading an entire (advanced reader’s copy) novel, The Wild Within, (Alaska based story/author) by a new author who’s name I don’t have right now. Obviously I was hooked as I read all 269+ pages and I’m not sure when it is to be published. Then I watched the remake of The Orient Express; I liked it but now I’m interested in seeing the original for comparison. Today is sunny and I’ve spent most of the day so far just babysitting (which means holding and keeping her from crying). I have to get outside for a hike/walk because tomorrow and Tuesday is work again (and another storm). My daughter/SIL have resumed looking for ‘home’ as the other two places are off the market. I am almost finished with my audio book, The Not So Big Life, and I am really liking it ~~ a lot. I am going to get a paperback copy because it’s one of those books that you I will read again and use as a resource. So far I am doing well with my mindfulness and intentions but I really want to get into a…routine of daily meditation, conscious gratitude and working on intuition/an elevated vibration to connect with the universe and my purpose. I know this all takes time and especially with a new job, finding my “center” in all this newness. I’m still feeling good, like I am where I am supposed to be ~ I just don’t know why yet and I am a little lighter 🙂 but I really need to work on my ROM (range of motion) and flexibility (my lower back and knees) and I haven’t given up on getting the test for Lyme disease once I have insurance.

So that’s it for all you who are interested. I probably won’t write again until Wednesday or Thursday, my next days off. I hope I get some nice photos in the woods after the next snowfall — it will probably be the last for this winter 😦

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