orientation: new job; day 1

I have my (new) watch on to break it in. I haven’t worn a watch in about a year and it’s catching on stuff but I need it for work because once I’ve punched a time clock everything is based on time and I’m always looking at my watch (there are plenty of clocks but, as you can imagine, they are not synchronized and that matters when your job is about time so it’s more accurate having one time-piece).

The orientation today was very good. Everyone always refers to the orientation as something we all have to just endure but I really enjoyed it. I found all the staff seemed enthusiastic and, by all appearances, to really enjoy not only their job but ‘the company’. That’s always a good sign. I was most impressed by the CEO starting the day off with some (slide) presentation and discussion. He has been with ‘the company’ for 31 years but started out in Lab. Other staff had ‘started’ out at other facilities in the country and when they relocated, they stayed with ‘this’ company. Others had left and came back. I got the impression – and I could be wrong – that ‘the company’ values it’s employees as the backbone of their business; the employees were the first in the chain of importance ~ “If we don’t have healthy/happy staff, we can’t provide quality care for our customers.” Smart.

It’s inspiring to be around people who enjoy their work, who start out in one place and migrate through education and dedication to other areas. I have the opportunity to branch out and be certified in other areas of customer care that, if I wanted to pick up extra time, I could because its considered another job, financed, for the lack of better lingo, by another department (not an issue about OT) – which is good because, low census means that staff is sent home/told not to come in. This will supplement what I lack in the lean times or its extra income. I’m ‘too old’ to think about ‘advancement’ to management or some other ladder-climbing position but its possible if I wanted to work in that direction versus doing what I do until I retire.

I’m in a very good place right now if what I’ve observed and how I feel about this company is any indication. I have a job that I think I am going to feel good about, make some money and hopefully I’ll be able to start planning for retirement and/or career choices. It’s a thirty minute drive ~ or, I might consider moving closer, starting over in a new community. …I know, I’m getting ahead of myself but these are just passing thoughts on the horizon. I am feeling good and my mind starts to get all carried away with my ‘fantasy’ life.

Tomorrow is another 1/2 day of orientation then I go to my department for work until 7pm. I have arranged with the supervisor to stay at the hospital overnight because I am scheduled for Thursday but we have a ‘major’ snowstorm starting tomorrow afternoon through Thursday. I could travel home but why bother if it’s safer and easier to stay there? I just hope I can sleep.

Daily Prompt: branch


  1. It seems like a whole lifetime ago, but when I was still working, my boss gave my entire department an hour for lunch to come see my in the hospital when I had my youngest daughter. We really were a “family” and it made all the difference. I hope your next day goes as well as your first

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