the silver lining under the mess

spiritual awakenings

I love winter and I am sorry we (NH) didn’t get hit with the wonderful snow storm Friday but…You take the good with the ‘bad’ and we have spring-like weather today. I’ve walked the fur-babies already and I’m now waiting for a friend to call me because we are meeting up.

I had written in an earlier post about my daughter/family staying on in my house but my gut-feeling is that they will find something. I told this to her; I said, I think you’ll find something and move before you think. A few days later she found an ‘end’ condo for sale in the development that they had wanted but she didn’t like the kitchen so she dismissed it. I questioned her on it. She showed me the photos. I said, you can ‘remodel’ the kitchen and she replied that they didn’t have the money. I called the realtor myself and told the woman that we were interested in looking at the condo. She said, “Is that the $249 one” and I said, no, it’s $215. She ‘looked it up’ and replied, “you’re right, they came down on the price” and we chatted a little more. I told my daughter that the condo has been reduced and it’s an end-unit, one she wants. I said, you need to look into this, it’s what you want except the kitchen and the difference in the ‘usual’ price of end-units $35,000. That’s more than enough to remodel the kitchen! So she involved her husband and they called their realtor-friend and they are moving ahead on it. She asked me, knowing it’s a premature thought but… if they should borrow the money to do the kitchen (now) or wait. I said, if it were me, I’d get moved in, paint, decorate, adjust and get used to a new routine, neighbors, etc. then, next spring, remodel (save the money or borrow). Find out what you really want or can live with and minimize the upheaval of the moving-life-changing process.

Fingers crossed but maybe this is going to work out. If not, that’s okay, I’d been thinking, if they stayed several more months (once I’m working), I’d double my mortgage payments and start chipping away more aggressively at what I owe. Win-win.

Life. It is all about taking what messy situation comes and making it work for you; find the silver-lining, the positive, excavate what will work for you from a situation that otherwise only appears to derail your plans.

~ 1:47 Sat. 3/3/18

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