#thepowerofpresence: day 52


I like “beginnings”; the beginning of spring, the beginning of the week, month, New Year, the beginning of the day. I didn’t always like the beginning of the day until lately with my improved perspective. I wake up early and look out the window from my bed to see how the sky looks. I pause before I get up (depending on what time I wake up) and think about two things I want to accomplish in my day; two things that I know I won’t accomplish without intent. If it’s really early, 4:30 for example, I’m not ready to get up but I will meditate or listen to a podcast — something positive and interesting.

This morning I woke at 4:00, got out of bed, opened my window (without the screen) and just leaned on it looking at the clear night sky with just a few stars visible because it was starting to get ‘light’ out. I got back in bed and listened to a podcast about how exercise changes your brain — among the many benefits of exercise & the brain the one the neuroscientist promoted was the way it postpones the aging (i.e. dementia) of the brain; similar to increasing bone density postpones the eventual bone fragility from aging. That made me feel more inclined to do something so I got up and went for a neighborhood dog-walk and was rewarded with seeing the hot, red sun rise.

I realized after I got home that it’s March 1st; the beginning of a new month. I decided to restart my exercise routine to include an early up & out of the house for a walk then, later in the day, I can still go for my hike in the woods. I’ve lost ten pounds in the last month by making sure I walk/hike regularly and eliminating sugar (most of the time). I also realized for the umpteenth time that I am feeling really good. I mean REALLY good lately. Granted, I don’t listen to the news and I have been more insulated since I haven’t been working ~ which is going to make for a challenge when I do start Tuesday, but I have a good foundation now so I am feeling pretty optimistic. Even so, challenges are good, “Builds character” I hear. And things have been ‘working out’ ~ as in the opposite of “just my luck,” which is how I used to feel and comment when things didn’t seem to work out…ever.

All in all, no grand happenings but little by little life is much improved in the last year. I still very much credit quitting my job and leaving the worries to the ‘universe,’ God, or whatever energy is out there. Removing myself from an unhealthy work environment, leaving my comfort zone (backpacking the AT solo) and taking the much needed time to restart a new ‘chapter’ in my life has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself (and my family; everyone benefits). I planned a year in advance so it wasn’t a spontaneous ‘walk-out’: I did the work and left the rest to God/universe. I reflect on my gratitude for this decision everyday.

Daily Prompt: restart



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