intuition or premonition?

Premonition can be described (I’ve seen it in writing) as a strong intuition but usually, typically premonitions are ‘visions’ and supposedly in the waking hours (not a dream) where intuition is like a ‘gut feeling’ or an ‘inkling’ or ‘nudge’ about something. I think premonitions have details where intuition does not.

I’ve learned to listen to my intuition more which according to some makes it stronger, like using a muscle. It tends to be little nudges, for example, I was visiting a friend’s cabin and there was a sugar container on a little tray with cups, powdered creamer next to the coffee maker. I had a little inkling to check to make sure it wasn’t salt but I looked at it, large crystals, so I rationalized that salt would not be in a such a container and it wouldn’t be with coffee items. I put a spoonful in my tea and swirled it about and took a sip. Yep, salt! I immediately thought, I should have listened to my intuition. Another time I was in the car and I had my phone but didn’t plug it in to the speakers. I had an inkling to plug it in, in case it rang which is SO rare, so I ignored it. Sure as shit, as soon as I started driving my son called and I had to answer and then say, “hold on, I’m in the car and I have to hook up the speakers”. Once again…I did not listen.

I think sometimes we aren’t even aware of those intuitive nudges because we are so busy, not paying attention and/or we disbelieve them, as I have demonstrated, by rationalizing it away ~ which is way more acceptable in society of ‘reasonable’ people than “a woman’s intuition,” which is always disbelieved and marginalized. Increasing my awareness of my intuition and heeding it is one of my goals because it has proven to actually be useful when I pay attention. Premonition, on the other hand, I don’t think I’ve met one 🙂

~ 2:01 Tues. 2/28/18

Daily Prompt: premonition



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