reimagine for your own good


I guess I’m not done ‘talking’ today. It’s been a good day albeit I didn’t get much done except my walk, a trip to Target for necessities, a little ‘baby-sitting’, a little laundry and some odds-n-ends such as insurance and work stuff via phone/email . That’s it and my day is mostly over. I still have to do some basic life support studying because the clinical ‘exam’ is on Wednesday and the online stuff has to be completed with an authorization/certificate printed or some such thing as proof I did it. Ugh. I had already taken the Red Cross BLS at the very end of December knowing that I’d have to have it for any healthcare job I applied for so, naturally, after paying for it and spending hours of my time doing it my new employer wants American Heart Assoc. (I imagine there is a money trail somewhere because they are the same thing) BLS…before I start work and they don’t pay for it!! That’s another almost $100.00 out of MY pocket. HOWEVER, I am grateful I have a job so I am not complaining but a little.

But, back to “imagination” ~ I wish I had a better imagination. I haven’t read it but in Amy Purdy’s book, On My Own Two Feet, she describes her visualization (which, for me, is another form of imagination) of snowboarding in such detail that she said she could feel the wind on her face, etc. Amy has a very intriguing story about her illness and events that led up to it, during surgery, and after with her recovery. I plan on reading this book because listening to her talk, I was spellbound by the ‘coincidences’, her intuition, and her courage and determination. She is inspirational and I am a fan of anyone inspirational.

Anyone who reads my posts knows I’m all about personal growth and education so honing my imagination to visualize what I want in my life, in my future and positive thoughts is a bonus. My imagination ~ although I’ve gotten better ~ tends towards the negative; I can easily imagine things going wrong instead of things going ‘right’. And I believe we are all guilty of negative imaginings; we imagine more wrong with people, work, our culture, etc. than we imagine good; we jump to conclusions or judgements and it usually all comes down to our negative thoughts (imagination) of other people and what they stand for/represent, etc.

A fertile and healthy imagination is the genesis of all the great things we now enjoy or benefit from not to mention wonderful stories. Next time you see something that makes you a little angry, reimagine it in a way that gives someone the benefit of the doubt.

Daily Prompt: imagination

Author: KC

I am a cautiously optimistic skeptic, snow-loving, mid-aged dog & nature lover, thinker & writer-of-deep-thoughts or quick, quirky mind-wonderings, tiny-home-dreamer, book-devouring loner.

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