to those who commented…

Permit me to clarify some information in a previous post, which I have since removed but not after I received three comments.

To those who participated in this morning’s post:

I did have a ‘heart-to-heart’ and it went well. We discussed behavior; appropriate and not for everyone and we came to some common ground. At times, D seeks attention when it’s not convenient and sometimes ‘acts out’. Considering at this age still trying to master vocabulary, what emotions are and how to deal with them, and being powerless sometimes (all times) in having any real control at this point in life, frustration ensues. Overall I feel better and perhaps the conversation should have taken place earlier, initiated by either one of us.

It is hard having hard talks. I know I am not alone in anticipating (In my imagination) the worst. Sometimes people do shut down any conversation or are defensive and that makes it hard-er. When people share a common ground and genuinely want what is best,  usually it goes better than we think it would have and I have to keep this in mind: that when its family, we want what is best for everyone and it won’t happen without talking out the hard stuff.

Thank you to those who read and commented. I appreciate it.

~11:47a.m. Mon. 2/5/18

Daily Prompt: permit



    1. oh – that particular post I’ve already deleted. the post (here) is to get back to the people who commented on the post (that I deleted) so – all is well. But, thank you!!


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