illness = profit

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This is a little late in the day for a post – they don’t tend to get seen later in the day. But anyhoo….

I’ve been thinking about the job I applied for and I will hopefully get hired only because …It’s a job = money => paid bills (oh, and the completely requisite, legal thievery called insurance). I had decided whilst looking for work, since it was completely unlikely that I’d end up at my dream-job/passion in life, that a job is a job to make money to live. My ‘work’ will be finding something I enjoy so much it makes my life with said job worth it.

Healthcare: A part of me strives to make things better ~ for everyone: being an asset to the department & facility by being reliable and punctual and helping out above and beyond when needed, being proactive, being informed, supporting a cohesive team, making suggestions that will make (everyones’) work/life better, etc. The other part of me knows from experience (even if this is a different facility, it’s the same job, the same ‘field’) that the energy put into ‘making a difference’ is largely wasted & unappreciated. I have to reframe my goals to reflect being a good employee but not wasting my time and energy ~ go along to get along, basically.

This seems premature but making the change in perspective now, before I get this job or some other job, is imperative to my mental well-being since I’ve worked so hard these last few months in changing my ‘belief system’ (I call it). I want to be positive & helpful for my peers and a respected employee while I’m there but be able to shed that skin when I punch the time-clock. No taking worries or work home with me.

I’ve never read those medical/thriller genre books because I don’t need to, I live it. Patients in this country are objects on the pharmaceutical conveyor belt: push drugs, send them on out the door so they can come back in and more drugs can be pushed (or surgeries, or therapies, or Xrays, MRI, C-scans, etc).

Healthcare IS A BUSINESS. It is NOT about health.

Oil drilling and coal mining are a business, it is not about energy.

If the all-powerful leaders in this country cared about a healthy public (citizens) then healthcare would be about education and incentives (not just in medicine but in our way-of-life; our food, beverages, exercise etc.) to make and keep people healthy, energy would be about utilizing clean alternatives to keep our environment, and therefore, citizens healthy. America’s leaders are all about big business, large profits to support their power and lifestyle. They need not worry about contaminated water and air because they have multiple homes and have the financial freedom to flee, if necessary, to safety. They need not worry about ‘healthcare’ because they are ‘connected’ and have the financial freedom to seek better ‘medicine’ (perhaps in another country, if they wanted). And make no mistake, they do NOT care if you or I or anyone else who they don’t know or have a relationship with lives with pain or dies. We are not their problem nor their concern. ~~~ end of lecture…

So, job/career will be about being a responsible employee and no more than that (unless a miracle happens, that would change things). Being my best self at work, making my work-life something that I am proud of but it won’t define me. What will define me is my relationships with friends and family and what I chose to do with MY time, volunteering, hiking, writing and so on. My job is only a part of me, a small part – a necessary ‘evil’ – the real me is outside of “the lab”, the factory where illness = profit, and healthy is counterproductive to the business.

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  1. well stated, per usual. 2 takeaways. Yes you work to live, not live to work. If your job is tolerable and you don’t have to kill puppies and you have time to be you then it’s a win. Also, the pharmaceutical and health care industries are a business, but a knoweledgeable consumer minimizes how much of a “customer” they become

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      1. I was with a group tonight and one person said teaching isn’t what it used to be and I commented that not much is as it used to be. Being responsible for your own self has always been the best policy but now you really have to do your homework, be as informed as you can and look out for numero uno because no one else is going to do it for you. I feel bad for those who don’t have a clue – they abide by “what the doctor says” and doctors now are (almost) as unscrupulous as politicians.


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