inscrutable isn’t a thing

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There are many things many of us shake our heads at, as in “I’ll never understand,” “I can’t wrap my head around that,” “wonders never cease.” We all know about the big things like certain politics, certain beliefs, certain ways of life. And smaller things like why people we know do certain things that are clearly mistakes or bad choices.

The word today prompted me to think about some of those big things that are incomprehensible but then I realized everything is within our grasp to understand the why ~ we just don’t want to admit what we know.

Example: the organization in which I worked for almost 20 years, is on the brink of collapse and has been dying a slow and, for the employees, an agonizing death for years. In these last few years many things have come-to-light, secrets have seeped out of the darkness of the closet into the light of day. Naturally many of those who perpetrated the wrongs; the illegal, unethical, and immoral activities scurried away as the ship started to sink (many were ‘removed’ by the board or a new CEO – there’s been three in as many years) since. Granted, when I started many of my peers had been there for ten or twenty (or more) years — during “the good times” — and they were believing what they were being told, that we were dealing with ‘hard times,’ etc., etc. I don’t know why, perhaps my ‘new’ set of eyes but I saw rats and, because I was new, I was informed that I didn’t know what I was talking about. You can only say a few times that something’s not right in river city before you become the outsider, someone who doesn’t understand, doesn’t get along. Anyway…the man behind the curtain has been revealed, he and his cohorts and now all the bricks come tumbling down. I don’t know if the organization will survive; they are indebted to the government for over $114 MILLION and who knows who else they owe. I removed my tiny little 403b as soon as I could after I left because I had no doubt that it would disappear if I didn’t ~~ and to be clear to all those who think “that can’t happen”; it is EXACTLY that kind of thinking that gets us to this place we are now.

My point is: nothing is inscrutable.

All you have to do is open your eyes.

Greed is nothing new.

Indifference to how others are effected by self-serving decisions is nothing new.

It all starts at the top; the government, state and local governments, large organizations, the 1%, the wealthy, and on and on and on. Once people see how the unscrupulous  ‘get away’ with their greedy, selfish choices it’s just a matter of time before others follow suit; Grab all you can while the Gettin’ is Good.

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    1. sucks doesn’t it? when there is inequality, injustice and unfair practices that lead to financial hardship, I can understand (but haven’t succumbed) to temptation but that does not excuse those with power and plenty of money/resources ALREADY. Thanks for reading/commneting..It turned out better than I (Intended) to SOC.

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