it’s a beautiful day


AS you can see the sun is shining and the trees are sparkling with ice (the photo doesn’t do it justice). I would love to go for a walk right now but I am meeting a friend soon so hopefully after that.

Yesterday was a little tough for me; the weather was shite and I was job hunting and filling out applications. In between that I was reading blogs (and PAMing), watching videos and babysitting. The last thing I did before bed and pray was watch Oprah clips. I’m not a huge Oprah lover like some posts I see from fans of hers. I mean, I like her, I think she’s one of the few hugely wealthy and famous people who use their public platform to do good in the world and I give her credit for that as well as her humble beginnings. I’m just not a “fan” kind of person, I don’t put other people up on a pedestal but I’m willing to give credit where its due and I don’t mind adopting (not emulating) attitudes and beliefs when they ‘jive’ with my vision of a better (improved) me.

Several of Oprah’s clips (under one minute) she talked of her strong belief in God, her faith and her “philosophies” about those same things: God isn’t “God” to everyone. It was obvious several times that she is moved when she thinks about God and humankind and ‘our purpose’ ~  I wasn’t surprised by the fact that she was heartfelt, I was surprised at how easily she was moved when she spoke about being human and having a relationship with God. One such clip {#24: Force Field. I hope this link works because it was a lot of scrolling to find it again} was her spiritual practice in the morning upon waking, being aware and recognizing that it is…”a magnificent thing to be a human being here and now...” and this is where she is so moved she sheds a tear. I thought, wow! I”ve never been moved by the fact that I’m a human being or by the thought that “life is a gift” because it is so much work, living, that I have to work at being thankful. That was, as Oprah says, “an Aha! moment” for me. I realized I’m not only not doing something right, I’m doing something wrong if I’m not even thankful that I am alive. So I vowed to myself before I went to sleep that “tomorrow I’m going to approach life differently“.

I won’t go through my early morning starting at 5:00 a.m. with a crying baby but…eventually I left the house, filled my gas tank, which was finally empty since filling it Christmas day, and got an extra ten-cents off the gallon because of my ‘rewards card’ then I drove to the testing center to take my USPS exam (which I passed!!) and then drove to the local ‘soup-kitchen’ that serves the disenfranchised/homeless and signed up to volunteer. I also asked about information for other volunteer programs in my city. Then I returned a text from a friend about meeting this afternoon.

I am feeling more positive today. I don’t know what is going to work out for me but I am becoming more convinced that ‘things will work out’ especially if I seek guidance. Either way, it feels good to acknowledge what is good in this world and express gratitude. I know there is a lot that sucks in this world but I’m not alone and we all can do something to make it a little better and all of us, together, can make it a lot better. My dominant attitude or feeling is change; change myself, change my attitude, change my life and help change the world.

Daily Prompt: dominant



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