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I’ve read some blog posts that have made me a little squeamish…and curious. “How did they do that? Aren’t they a little afraid? Once it’s out there….”

Well written and honest posts have me rethinking how I blog or communicate. I don’t have any reservations about what I have written or how I’ve written, I.e. what ever is on my mind and usually written and posted – no draft or editing (except spelling). However, in my more recent endeavors to dig deep and improve myself I’ve entertained the idea that I can make some improvements in my own writing – which is an extension of my thinking, feeling and intentions.  Am I honest enough? Am I just skimming the surface? Am I using my blog to just prattle on about any superficial thing, an expanded FaceBook post? *nothing wrong with that*

Transparency. Honesty. The hard stuff from the guts. I think I’ve touched it with a toe, gave it a little nudge. I’ve avoided anything too personal – tossing it out into the public (gladiator) arena to be oogled, laughed at, kicked and slaughtered. That’s what we see all around us – be damned if you dare open your mouth.

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think about what could go right

Maybe I’m just trying to hedge my bet here but what I’ve noticed is ~ and maybe it’s just the WordPress community ~ people are very supportive and encouraging, even empathetic. I’ve also noticed that many times tough-stuff is served with a side of humor or a palate cleanser of optimism. I can’t write humor and I’m working on optimism. Now, maybe I need to work on exploring, digging deep because I know I appreciate reading posts from people who have dared.

Daily Prompt: entertain



  1. “Cleanser of optimism.” Lol. I’m so guilty of that at times. I think you should only write at your comfort level. Definitely don’t feel pushed or intimidated by other people’s writing. Your blog is YOUR blog. It’s your content. You decide what your comfort level is. Don’t be shoved outside of that. 😊

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    1. Thank you for the kind words and, yes, sometimes other people write so darn well I think, ‘why do I do this?’ but – I’m comfortable with ‘who I am’ and, hey, there’s always room for improvement. I read so many good blogs and the ones that inspire me are the people who are honest about themselves, flaws and all.

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  2. opening up is very hard for a lot of people and it isn’t always a matter of consequence. While the blogging world provides the opportunity for some anonymity you are still putting yourself out there to a degree. I find it the only way to write. I’m an open book and at this point in my life I’ve found the only people that really appreciate me do so for my honesty. The few people that read my blog seem to respond to how much I will expose myself. I let it all out because it doesn’t matter to me anymore. I have been through so much that I can’t write about if I sugarcoat it. I promise you, write from your heart with no abandon and you will find a style and a voice you didn’t know you had

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    1. Thank you for all your words of wisdom and encouragement! It’s been a work in progress but, with anything, I’ve found that focusing on the positives (reading good posts and comments) helps me dare to be more me, most honest not only with myself but in sharing with other people.

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      1. you write beautifully. I failed to mention that it may not ever be necessary to change. I simple write like I am and think. It’s my personality reflected in my writing, You’re doing the same thing. I just know that there is a special feeling, like spilling a secret you’ve been keeping for a long time, when you really open up

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      2. Thank you for saying that about my writing. It’s hard to be objective when it’s your own words/feelings. Regarding spilling a secret, scary but liberating – an exorcism is how it feels to me.


    1. LOL. I’ve considered going back and reading what I wrote but that’s like re-reading the same book when there’s so much more to read. Besides, what I wrote at the time I wrote it is what it is. There’s no point in changing it. Thank you for your comment.

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      1. I do the same thing. I will go to visit the site and then the unfollow is right next to it and i accidtly do it all the time!!!


    1. Hi Phil and thanks!! I agree with you philosophically (If that’s the correct word) but I also know that I’ve been very closed most of my life, self-preservation, and I suspect that is the reason I do not have lasting friendships. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t been totally honest with myself and others can discern that. I don’t know. I guess I just feel like growing, getting outside of my rut/zone and working through some stuff with the encouragement of others. the ‘media’ insert says it all … exploration.

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  3. I think it’s up to all of us as to how much we share or don’t share. When I have been very honest, I have found people respond to it. Usually, it’s because I’ve said something that others are thinking but didn’t have the courage to say aloud. And honestly, it’s quite cathartic for me sometimes.

    I feel like you do share a lot. Never feel pressure to be other than who you are. (Also, I saw your comment back to me on another post of yours – I do like the communication back and forth between blog friends and comments, too.) I don’t always have the time to read all of your posts, with a full time job and school on top of it, but the ones that really resonate with me are the ones I try to comment on as best as I can.

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    1. Hi Terri!!! I totally appreciate your contributions and I understand time constraints so, no worries. I am trying to be more authentic – I guess that’s my motivation behind figuring out who I am and I am sharing it in my blog because, right now, I am having zero conversations with people so the feedback (the acknowledgment that I exist) is very helpful.


  4. Ah, I know exactly what you mean! When I first started I wanted to be honest, but not off-putting. In the beginning I was only writing for close friends, family, and me. I didn’t want to run off the only true supporters I had! At the same time, I wanted to let it all hang out, you know what I mean? Did I succeed in doing that from the start? I don’t know. Maybe.

    But as time went by I got bolder and bolder. And, you know what, that was extremely well received (by most 😉 )!

    As for the writing process itself, I have seen great things from multiple approaches. I edit. Part of the writing process, for me, is the edit process. I want to be a better writer. So, my blog is more than just my spur-of-the-moment thoughts, it is an opportunity to take my thoughts, spur-of-the-moment or not, and turn them into, for lack of a better term, art (of some sort). So, for me, its a process. For others, it is an outlet, raw and untainted by self-criticism. That’s perfect, too!

    As for this thought, “sometimes other people write so darn well I think, ‘why do I do this?’”, don’t worry about that, your writing is superb! Keep doing what you do; you’ve quickly become one of my favorite bloggers!

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  5. Why thank yo so much 😀
    Re: writing process: Sometimes my exuberance to ‘say something’ is so…uncontrolled that I just can’t wait to ‘say it’, to put it out there. Its like being in a group conversation and you get so excited that you blurt out what you’re thinking, you can’t help it. That’s how I feel with either writing my posts or commenting on someone else’s. Sometimes I just want to say it – I don’t even want to finish reading! BUT…I agree with you whole-heartedly: writing, good writing, is an art. I want to hone my craft (can I call it that if I don’t get paid? LOL) and that requires time and editing..not spewing whatever I’m thinking.
    I think this is very related to FB & Twitter: people spontaneously ‘post’ for the instant gratification of saying something, putting it out there but it’s usually superficial and inconsequential. (There’s probably fodder for a good post in there somewhere)
    Again, thank you – I’m flattered 😉


    1. Yes I did…I just now wrote a short post addressing the people who read and commented on my previous post. I was awake after midnight with a problem and posted for some feedback. Once I got some, there was no need to keep the post up – it was just “airing dirty laundry” and I didn’t feel right about keeping it online.
      Thank you for checking in friend 🙂


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