i’d like to carve out ‘fake’ information

Carving out a job from online opportunities posted that have expired or already been filled but remain ‘active’ online, is a waste of time – even for us unemployed folk. You’d think it this day of technology making “everything easier” that it wouldn’t be so hard to remove those ads once they are obsolete. Perhaps now that nobody in HR positions have to be inconvenienced with person-to-person contact, paper-shuffling or phone calls — who cares if job postings are kept up to date? To peruse the job listings it would appear that there is a plethora of all kinds of jobs “out there.” So before people speak up and ask someone why they “can’t find work” when there are so many ads — think again…as in “fake news,” apparently you can’t really trust anything you read.

And I march on.

Daily Prompt: carve



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