that’s brilliant!

Apparently “brilliant” is the British equivalent of “awesome”. My British friend uses the word “brilliant” a lot. I do get tired of hearing people say, awesome” but “brilliant” just doesn’t have the same feel to it. We use brilliant as in a brilliant idea, a brilliant light. It is not too far off the same meaning as our awesome, it just takes some getting used to.

Daily Prompt: brilliant

Author: KC

I am a cautiously optimistic skeptic, snow-loving, mid-aged dog & nature lover, thinker & writer-of-deep-thoughts or quick, quirky mind-wonderings, tiny-home-dreamer, book-devouring loner.

11 thoughts on “that’s brilliant!”

      1. I’m not a wall flower and I had a hard time with it. Funny story, I carried one to his room and dropped him off. I said are you ok? He said I’m pissed. I said what are you mad about? He said “I’m drunk you Yankee wank!

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  1. Love this, great post. And yes, here in Australia, we say ‘brilliant’ like the Brits. But also ‘awesome’, in a faux American accent – although that is usually from people waaaaaaay younger than me. Can become a bit tedious 🙂

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    1. Hello Linda! there was not a space for comments on your ‘about’ page but I liked it. Funny you commented on this post of mine because you said you are an “extrovert” and that you are always talking with people in queues, etc. and so does my Brit. friends – I usually start walking away and leave her socializing with random strangers. It is so different from me. Thank you for stopping in 🙂

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      1. Ha! Yes i think my kids are a bit embarrassed and would walk away if they could!! I’m not tech-minded so I have no idea how to put comments on my ‘about’ page…I assumed it all came via the posts or my ‘contact’ page 😐


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