job search, day 2

I talked for two hours last night with a friend who has done some traveling nursing. She gave me some good advice, some things I hadn’t even thought of I jotted down. One important thing I realized is that I have to have multiple balls in the air because one assignment that I might be banking on, literally, may fall through so its best to have multiple options with multiple traveling companies going on at the same time. There were also things such as getting all the paperwork (and many copies) all in order such as a physical, immunizations, passport, drivers license and SS copied AND some places “test” you before hire and sometimes the test is job dependent (never heard of that); sometimes it’s done before you arrive at the destination and sometimes they test you when you arrive — if you ‘don’t pass’, you don’t get hired. Also, possible call-off days or the assignment is terminated prior to the contract date.

Fortunately, she said despite all the above she loved traveling and would do it again (when/if her circumstances change).

So, today I got right up, wrote down a list and started searching…again, what’s available out there. I was hoping for smooth sailing, a nice transition back into the work force (I didn’t expect “easy” or anything to fall into my lap, that would never happen) and maybe it will be but its best to put some work into it and not have too high expectations. I am only looking at positions that are a viable option for me, nothing with newborns or pediatrics and certainly nothing in a big city. I thought I’d venture ‘far’ from home but at this point I’ll take almost anything as long as it gets me started.

I also thought, once I’ve started somewhere, that I’d create another blog that would be just about the job/facility/area for other travelers to check out. That would be a more interesting focus than me just blathering on about my day to day existence.

Daily Prompt: viable


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