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The below freezing temperatures in New England have prohibited me from going outside much — not that I don’t have or can’t don warm clothing but it’s just an adequate excuse to stay inside and read my books, watch GoT and generally be lazy. Today was a ‘warm’ day, 25 degrees, so I took my kidz for an hour walk.

I got a call back from the bank for an interview for a position I’d applied for about three weeks ago — long enough for me to have forgotten all about it. During this time I’ve moved on to checking out traveling therapist positions and today I got a call back from a recruiter. Stay committed to your decisions but be flexible in your approach. There are currently no assignments in NH or VT so I’m looking more south. My sister is in NC and there are three positions there; one position is about 20 minutes from my sister’s house. I don’t have a license in NC and it takes 6-8 weeks for me to get one and I can’t start until I “have (a license) in hand”. If I give the okay to the recruiter, I could have one by mid-to-end of February and working 13 weeks would bring me to the end of May (all approximate times). It would be a treat to see my sister for three months and have work while I’m there; that’s the main draw for taking this assignment versus going to Hawaii – which I also considered.

The other reasons to take the NC assignment is that I can/will drive *my own car down, **take my two kidz (which travel therapists often do) and work in an ***adult population of patients. Some travel jobs are for NICU, PICU, or Pedi “REQUIRED” certification and I no longer have valid certifications for any of those populations. I am feeling pretty excited hopeful about this ‘job’ and I hope things move along smoothly (that would make me feel even more secure). It will feel real good having a job after all these months of not working (by choice). I told my daughter, “It won’t take long for me to remember why I hated it and wanted to leave” but, money is money and it’s all I know, for which I am thankful.

A first-time assignment near my sister (for emotional support) and not too far from NH seems almost like a gift — too good to pass up. However, if for some reason this doesn’t work, there are travel assignments all over the country so it will only be as disappointing as I allow it to be. When there is a big disappointment, we don’t know if that’s the end of the story. It may be just the beginning of a great adventure. This is one of the ‘mantras’ I have written down on paper on my desk. Every time I’m on my computer I read these quotes and it really helps; they are like a good friend telling me that it’s all going to work out and be okay — just hang in there.

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