everyone should learn how to save a life


After logging in several hours of online training with the American Red Cross at home, I attended the skills class this morning and three hours later received my certificate via email. The instructor said to open the email, click on the link and download it as PDF because the link becomes ‘inactive’ after  awhile (she did not say how long “awhile” is). That made me sweat a little: I don’t have a printer at home so I went to the public library and was informed that their computers were down so than I hauled ass to FedEx (it’s the only other place close by that I could think to go to) and the solo staff person told me to mail my PDF to them (at FedEx) and she then would open it and print it.

I like my computer and my smart phone and my iPad and Kindle but I really only DO so much on any one of them – I’m not exactly comfortable doing things outside of checking my mail, searching Google, writing on WP, and a few other things. When it comes to spending almost $100 for a certification that I need for employment and I have to run the gauntlet to get it into my hands, read ‘hard copy‘, so I can eventually make more copies, it produces a little anxiety – especially when she said the link won’t last and it’s Sunday afternoon, New Year’s Eve and nothing is open again until Tuesday!!

But…after four days of online (again, technology isn’t any less flawed than humans, many people in the class had trouble with the online program even working for them) ‘learning’; reading, clicking, dragging, more clicking, the three hour class today, and running the roads to find a funcioning internet/computer and printer, I finally have my BLS certificate (actually I paid for two, just in case)!! That feel so good.

Next: start on my income tax and job hunting.

Daily Prompt: finally


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