almost is sometimes to close for comfort

When you don’t have a schedule, such as a job, the days just merge from one into another like raindrops on a windshield — they coalesce and you can’t sometimes distinguish one from the other. Sometimes this produces a sudden increased heart rate and instantaneous anxiety when, out of the blue, you think you’ve forgotten something or you’re supposed to be somewhere — now!

I signed up for a CPR course on Tuesday by calling the number on a website. Part of the course is online and the final three hours is at a location with an instructor. My course date and time was for December 31st — morning. Yesterday I went to the library, took out a couple of books and spent some of my day reading, some babysitting my newborn grand-daughter, some watching “TV,” walking my dogs and general lazing about. My thought was that I’d finish the online portion of the coarse Saturday and be ready for Sunday.

I woke this morning — abruptly — believing I’d made a mistake and the course was Saturday morning (I looked at my calendar and realized I’d not even noted it!). And I hadn’t finished the online part — nor taken the online exam, passed and printed the certificate. I had 1.5 hours to do all the above, shower, dress and drive to the site. I immediately got online and resumed where I’d left off and realized, shortly thereafter, that I wasn’t going to have time to finish. I circled around the site looking for the phone number *because I made to ‘unknown’ calls on Tuesday and didn’t know which was the correct number* and, not being able to find it readily in my haste, I decided I’d act as if I was going to buy the coarse again, thinking that the number would appear somewhere and I could then call it. If I rescheduled I wouldn’t lose the money I’d paid for the coarse and I don’t have money to spare to waste on stupid absentmindedness. During this process it was noted in my ‘cart’ the class I’d already bought: Sunday, December 31. SUNDAY!

OMG! I was so relieved. I’d almost postponed the class for another two weeks when I’d really prefer to get it done and over with sooner — all because I couldn’t remember the date.

Daily Prompt: almost




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