cohousing: the 21st century version of communal living


You’ll probably think I’m crazy and I might be a little now that I think about my lows and highs but I’m pretty consistent most of the time: anyway I’m looking for a job and, down the road a-ways, I’ll be thinking more about selling my house and I’ve always thought about what I’d do IF/when I do sell my house. It’s been the one thing that leaves a big hole in my tentative plans – where would I live? Today I happened upon a website about cohousing. These are intentional ‘developments’ where everyone lives more communally – not as in sharing a big kitchen in a rambling farmhouse and spreading love – it’s not the 60’s. But, throughout the country there are these cohousing developments that vary in size and land and how the residents live. Some photos do include a communal dining area or a communal garden, etc. The point is that it’s economical and socially cohesive and everyone works together to make their community thrive. They are not ‘retirement’ communities but include people at all ages. I only read a tiny bit of the information at the website and looked at some photos and then ran through some of the areas in the country where you can find cohousing. I now have another or second wind about my future – which lately has seemed bleak.

Anyone who is even a little interested about living in a more cohesive and extended family style of environment should click on my cohousing link above. Even if you are not interested, it is a very wise concept and makes for some interesting reading.

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    1. Did you check out the link? You click on a state and then it brings up all the cohousing in a list in which if you click one each one there are photos! It’s so cool – I can’t believe how excited I am about this. The last two weeks I’ve been in a slump about my life (feeling it’s over) and now I feel so energized – it’s crazy. 🙂


  1. I imagine it’s something that only works for the right personalities or the right times in a person’s life, but… yeah, I bet it’s a wonderful idea too. I feel this way a lot when I think of books. After all, what are libraries, but communal bookshelves?

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    1. it’s definitely only for certain people and it seems to be geared mostly to ‘environmentally conscientious’ (with ‘footprint’ concerns) and older people so they are not so lonely and have a place and a purpose in the lives of others. it appeals to me because I am naturally inclined to be reclusive and this would help break away from that tendency

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