can you count the number of times you’ve been on your phone in one day?

I like listening to public radio especially the TED Radio Hour. Yesterday I listen to the beginning of October 13 TED Radio Hour with Guy Raz while walking my dogs. The first part of the program was about technology – specifially how a few genius minds in Silicon Valley control how we now behave. It sounds unlikely but it was a very logically discussed example of how our technology, specifically our smart phones, now control what we do with much of our time. It went beyond the argument about “everyone’s so attached to their phones” and “no one talks to each other anymore” – it was really about the technology/science of how it is we become ensnared in technology itself and gorge ourselves with social media. If anyone has 17 minutes of free time – and that’s not a pun but it sure could be one – this TED talk by Tristan Harris or you can go to this npr site and listen to the TED Radio Hour program for October 13 titled “Manipulation” which is comprised of parts of Tristan Harris’ talk among other interviews for 50:17 minutes.

Daily Prompt: gorge

Author: KC

I am a cautiously optimistic skeptic, snow-loving, mid-aged dog & nature lover, thinker & writer-of-deep-thoughts or quick, quirky mind-wonderings, tiny-home-dreamer, book-devouring loner.

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