it’s not “tenderhooks”

I’m glad I did a little research before I wrote since I’d always thought the word was “tenderhooks” and I thought it was those large hooks hanging from ceilings in large butcher rooms where they hang animals/meat – which led neatly into believing that the idiom of being on tenderhooks was appropriate for “a state of uneasy suspense or painful anxiety”. Today I learned something completely new thanks to the prompt.

The two photos are from Google’s Images for “cloth on tenterhook” and there are not many photos or illustrations with the cloth stretched on tenterhooks but there are many of the frames used and many are outside and look like fencing with nails sticking out of the rails. It is/was the drying process used for manufacturing cloth.

Daily Prompt: tenterhooks



  1. I always thought it was Tenderhooks and not the ‘tenter hooks’ it is…I think we should change it to ‘tenterhooks’ much better. Its Summer down -under and it’s great… have a look

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