Mechanical belly dancing anyone?


What’s on my mind this morning after listening to some news yesterday and earlier today is the dancing around the issues of the rights of gun ownership and the rights of other citizens to live – as in remain alive – in “society”…but…. I will write about another, less divisive and more pleasant topic.

The above photo is from my Burlington, Vermont Steampunk Expo last weekend. These women (with the help of the man who is the ‘doll maker’ and is winding them up to perform) are the “Leanan Sidhe Dancers” and they are belly dancers. These women perform at events and they modify the belly dancing to suit the theme of the events. At the Expo, they were mechanical doll dancers. I took a few photos, this one being the best, but I did not take any footage/video as I felt a little wierd doing that ~ but their performance was beautiful.

I will be making a separate post that has more photos and explanation of this weekend event and the sub-culture.


Daily Prompt: dancing


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