tiny houses, tree houses, & stone cottages


I have dreams of tiny houses all cozy and warm sitting on a plot of land next to a stream or a stone cottage with a patio surrounded by a small wooded area or a tree house suffused with the unfiltered sunlight and bird song.



I keep dreaming of the day I have my own small, manageable space – open concept and only one bedroom; all to myself; a nice ‘modern’ kitchen to make bread and single-serving meals created by me


with the ingredients from my small outdoor garden; a sun-soaked sewing room where I create my quilts and some paintings; an open and warm living area that combines with the dining

Google ‘tree house images’

area/kitchen area – all one open space. Vaulted ceilings are beautiful and the bedroom can be in the open loft area so the heat is not ‘wasted’. Tree houses, at least the ones I’ve

Google ‘tree house images’

looked at, are beautiful but I feel bad about the trees – it can’t be good for them to have houses built into their bodies and limbs.

I dream my dreams and I write my dreams and maybe someday my dreams will come true.



  1. It is possible! I have been dreaming some very similar dreams for 8+ years and they are finally now becoming a reality! The best way to predict the future is to create it!

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  2. It will come true if you believe in it enough. You seem like a strong, independent woman, so I think it will come true for you. I may end up taking a shed and converting it eventually or winterizing it because of financial reasons. But like you, I want it to be very open. i like seeing all of my stuff (which won’t be much) but more importantly, my animals, all at one time, near me, and knowing they are safe and sound and warm. For me, I try to take a step towards it every day. Part of my dream is to also be a writer when I have that tiny house, so every day, I try to write in one way, shape, or form. 🙂 So glad you found my blog the other day!

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