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There are a lot of synonyms for the word “interest” – which I had to take a peek at because this word inspires nothing and, simultaneously, a hodge-podge of uninteresting things – coming from me. I look forward to reading the posts from others to see where they went with this prompt.

Now though…I’m going to plod on with my mental monologue and write about a movie I watched last night – well, I watched half last night and the rest this morning; I expected it to take a turn in a less than desirable way around 40 minutes remaining so I didn’t want to go to sleep with that in my head and as I predicted, it turned and I was less than pleased but it was still okay.

Anyway, the movie was “Our Souls at Night” with Jane Fonda & Robert Redford. It was a Netflix feature and I don’t usually watch movies but I’ll admit it was because both actors were leads and they’re ‘old’ – in a way that I now appreciate. I won’t go into any details about the ‘plot’ but I will say that it inspired me to look for other movies “like this” on Netflix.

The “like this” for me is character development, I’m especially interested in older characters in “real life”, i.e. boring, situations, which are more relatable for me. I’d venture to guess that this is one reason we don’t have many ‘older’ lead actors featured in more films; older people are not the money-making demographic of movie-goers and, I’ll speak for myself here, I like less foolish, loud action and more of what life really is about, what’s important.

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I am a cautiously optimistic skeptic, snow-loving, mid-aged dog & nature lover, thinker & writer-of-deep-thoughts or quick, quirky mind-wonderings, tiny-home-dreamer, book-devouring loner.

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