tentative plan A


It’s mostly cloudy skies right now. I gave my ‘applications’ a week and I had only one call back from a travel recruiter. I went to the bank, where I had what I believed to be a good interview, and inquired about the lack of any follow-up. Before I returned home, a manager from the bank called for an interview for a part-time position…better than the nothing I have right now.

New-hire bank teller pay is a little above minimum wage but still not enough for my expenses, even the bare bone ones, so part time employment is almost not worth working (which is probably why so many just stay on the unemployment dole). However, it’s a “foot in the door” to full-time positions and upward mobilization – and it is the type of job/employment I want during my middle-toward-retirement age because it’s way less demanding physically than running the halls and stairs in a hospital, hoisting obese patients and trying to save lives.

My tentative plan is to, shall it be offered, take the part-time bank position and try to find  a position in a ‘local’ hospital for part-time or per diem work to supplement the awful pay from the bank. Ultimately, as I ‘move up’ at the bank, I will be able to minimize how much time per week I run myself ragged at the hospital. If the part-time bank position doesn’t work out, it’s back to full-time searching for hospital work; possibly travel work. Yuck.

This is the game that we play; what we need right now and what will be needed in the future. Hospital work is good for pay (not to mention time off; usually a work week is three days. Not bad) but bad for one’s health: fast-paced, physically and emotionally demanding. Most hospital workers that deal with patients (except maybe maternity) ‘burn out’ long before retirement age. It’s the proverbial fine line: work for money or do what you enjoy (and starve). Welcome to the (new) Land of Opportunity.

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