the birth of another way of ‘talking’


SoCSunday – I was busy yesterday and by then end of the day – I was not conscious.  The photo below is one of the many I took while on a ‘walk’ along the edge of a pond in NH. For a holiday weekend, I was surprised that there were not hoards of people there; there were some but much of the day I had the quiet nature-noises of the woods and the sound of lapping water. I could go on and on about my day



but I can’t insert ‘birth’ or ‘berth’ anywhere in those thoughts but what does come to mind is texting versus talking. The birth of the now number way to communicate ~ texting ~ is a great asset as well as a huge deficit: we have our ‘conversations’ logged “in writing” (which is interesting considering most people should be leary of that) and maybe all the texting as well as typing on social media is really more communication that we used to do despite our claims that people aren’t talking anymore. I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other, nor do I really care. I just like the fact that I am not answering a phone (because I have my settings NOT pushing an alert everytime someone texts, messages, emails, or any other “like” or “mentioned you” that happens) and when I do look at my phone for texts, messages – I reply when I’m ready. Also, when I am in face-to-face conversation … my phone is not a third person in the room.




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