Nuthin’ going on here


I don’t know why, probably because I can’t help but see so many mushrooms when I’m out for my walks, but I have been trying to take more photos to “use” in my writing (or FB) so here is another photo of mushrooms – I call it “mushroom condos” (and I like this angle too).

There’s a lot of news/information/conversation about Texas/Harvey but not here – I’m avoiding that critical info. mass. As I’ve stated somewhere in a previous post, I’m keeping close to home when it comes to what’s going on in the world. I like it that way. I will admit though – I’ve considered going down to help out in some capacity (after I saw a Facebook “sponsored” ad that I quickly looked at and when I went to find it again, I can’t!).

Anyhoo…I always keep hope alive that ‘our world’, planet, population will ‘win’ out over all these obstacles, dangers, disasters that inhabit our space. If not, well, death is the eventuality regardless.

bummer note…

Daily Prompt: critical


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